Jan 17, 2019

How to Maintain Your Fitness

How do i maintain my Fitness? Someone said "am not fat, am not big, am fit, am slim" but how do i maintain these fitness in order not to lose my shape

Since it takes a lot to look good or keep fit then, its very important to keep the fitness by maintaining it by all means.

Keeping and maintaining your fitness is the best way to make yourself healthy and the effective ways to do this includes;

1. Fatty Foods: The best way to keep your fitness, stay healthy, get slim and trim is to avoid fatty foods Fatty foods such as doughnuts, egg roll, fried chips and fried foods generally because it causes weight gains in people. It may not manifest immediately but with time, it will.

2. Sugary Drink: To keep your shape and fitness, one of the things you need to avoid is sugary drinks like the soft drinks. Sugar is stored in the body as glycogen which induces fat and consuming too much of sugary drinks causes weight gain which means you can lose your fitness through the consumption sugary drinks.

3. Alcohol: when you consume excess alcohol, you are adding more sugar and you may experience weight gain. Alcohol is a drug and its very bad for the body especially when you get addicted to it. It weakens the nerve cells, add more sugars to the body, reduce activity of cells, and the aftermath effect is to numerous to mention

4. Lack of Excess: Staying fit and keeping the fitness involves you to follow up and never to relent in exercise. To maintain your body fitness, you need continue your exercise which may be inform of walking, running, jogging, cycling, swimming, press-ups, etc.

Do these things and you will be surprised to see your still keep your fitness, lose fat and stay healthy. You only need to watch the food you eat, performs some exercises, avoid sugary drinks etc. Thanks for reading.

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