Jan 31, 2019

Herbs That Can Cure Malaria Naturally

Malaria is a sickness caused by plasmodium which is carried by female anopheles mosquito. Its is accompanied by headache, feverish condition, pains, high temperature and when left untreated, it could lead to severe health issues like death.

Although, there are many ways malaria sickness is treated which includes drugs, injections, mosquito nets, drips and many more but malaria can also be treated naturally through natural herbs or plants in our environments.

Before the advent of drugs, people uses the old people do use herbs to cure malaria naturally and its very cheap because the plants can be gotten freely in the environments. Plants that can cure malaria naturally includes;

1. Lawsonia Inermis: This plant is found naturally in the environments and its commonly known as Henna plant. Its is also called ewe laali by the yorubas in Nigeria and its also known as malaria killer. You only need to get this plant, pluck the leafs and cook it and i tell you the malaria will vanish within few days.

2. Lemon Grass: Lemongrass is a plant known for its medicinal value such as cure for malaria. Lemon when cooked, drink can cure malaria naturally within the shortest period of time without drugs. Its very common, cheap and very effective medically. Lemongrass is called cymbopogon and can be found freely in Asia, Africa Australia and some part of Europe.

3. Enantia Chlorantha: This is a plant known for its medicinal value and its activeness against curing malaria. This plant is good to cure malaria naturally and can used along other plants like lemongrass plant and other medicinal plants. Its is called Awopa in Nigeria and its very effective and also known as malaria killer.

4. Neem Plant: This is one of the most effective plants that cure malaria. Its is also called Dongoyaro plant and can be used to cure or treat many health issues. Neem leaf is very active and has been seen as the most effective malaria killer among all the plant. It has no side effect and cure malaria within the shortest period of time.

These three plants listed above are very effective to curing malaria naturally by cooking and drinking them. These plants are known as malaria killer and if you have malaria and you have access to these plants, then you are free to use this plant to cure your malaria fever. Thanks for reading.

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