Jan 17, 2019

Health Benefit of Eating Raw Tomatoes

Health Benefit of Eating Raw Tomatoes to the Body 
What are the Health Benefit of Eating Raw Tomatoes? Raw tomatoes either in fruits form or paste form contains substances that helps the body in so many ways because it contains many minerals and vitamins that helps the body in one way or the other.

Despite the fact that tomatoes are sweet, taste well and very essential for cooking but the health benefit are too good to be true which are described as you read on this post.

Some of the health benefit of tomatoes paste or raw tomato fruits includes;

1. Vitamin: One of the health benefit of eating tomatoes is that it contains vitamins that helps the body in terms of nourishment. It contains enzymes that helps in the breakdown of food that aids digestion process.

2. Prevent Diseases: Eating raw or paste tomatoes helps the body gain more antioxidants and enzymes which helps prevents diseases like cancer, high blood pressure,
stroke, heart attack, obesity and many more.

3. Blood: I was so surprise when a friend of mine donated blood to someone and immediately the doctor said he can drink a fresh tomato paste mixed with milk or malt that is gives instant energy. So, hospitals now use tomatoes mixed with milk and malt to replenish lost blood in the body.

4. Adult: Tomatoes have some health benefits when it comes to adult performance. Research shows that men who eat more tomatoes either raw or paste tomatoes usually do not have prostate diseases.
health benefit of tomatoes

5. Weight Loss: Research confirms that tomatoes do not contain fat or fatty substances, so it is recommended if you want low fat diet which prevents obesity or other weight gain related diseases.

6. Smooth Skin: One of the benefit of eating tomatoes is the fact that it contain beta-carotene which helps smooth-ens the skin, prevents cancer and also boost vision in men, women, adult or children.

These are the health benefit of eating tomatoes to the body. I believe many people just eat tomatoes but never realize that it has so much health benefit. The processed tomatoes like the tomato paste also possess the nutrients and vitamins the raw tomatoes possess and either of the two works well.  Thanks for reading.

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