Jan 31, 2019

Health Benefit of Eating Carrots Daily

Health Benefit of Eating Carrots

Carrot is one of the most popular and widely used vegetables with wide range of health benefit. When i was still much younger, my parents and teachers will always tell us to eat more carrots to improve vision but now, i know eating carrot daily does much more than vision but with other great health benefit.

Carrot is a vegetable as well as a fruit with minerals and vitamins. Carrots can be eaten daily in raw, crushed into juice or can be used to spice up foods. Although a friend of mine has ulcer and each time he eat carrots, he suffers some discomfort but except that, carrot is good for the body and health.

Health Benefit of Eating Carrot daily includes;

1. Vision: When you eat carrot daily, one of the benefits you gain is an improved vision. Carrot contains Vitamin A which is good for the eyes especially for night vision because its rich in beta-carotene.

2. prevents Cancer
: Carrot has been known to prevent cancerous growth like the lung cancer, breast and colon cancer. One of the benefit of eating carrot daily is that carrot contains Falcarinol which prevent its root from diseases so therefore, it prevent cancer in women or men.

benefit of carrot

3. Stroke Prevention: One of the information i gather from a research about health benefit of carrot daily to the body is that people who eat carrot often do not usually have stroke which means it helps prevent stroke.

4. Gum Protection: When you eat carrot daily or everyday, you experience gum stimulation which produces more saliva and prevent bacteria that prevents tooth decay.

5. Body Cleansing: Carrot is rich is Vitamin A which improves vision and not only that, it helps assist in ejecting harmful toxins from the body.

6. Digestion: I notice that when i eat carrot, i usually have fast digestion which i notice that its due to the fiber it contains which aids digestion process and excess food materials are digested fast and passed out.

7. Heart Disease Prevention: When you eat carrot daily, one of the benefit you get is that it makes your heart healthy due to the beta-carotene its contains and research shows it also contains alpha-carotene which improve heart activities.

8. Prevents Diseases: These substances contained in carrot helps keep the skin healthy, eyes and prevents infection or any kind of diseases. Carrot boost the immune system which prevents you from contacting diseases.

9. Aging Process: Carrot contains beta-carotene which has so many advantages in the body. Carrot increases body metabolism and when the body metabolism is increased, it helps the body look younger rather get older.

10. Weight Loss: Carrot contains fibers which prevents accumulation of fat in the body. Instead eating too much of carbohydrate, you can replace such with vegetables like carrot which reduces excess calories in the body and weight loss is achieved

These are carrot health benefit you get when you eat it either daily or weekly and it can be consumed by men, women, children, older people or children. Thanks for reading.

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