Jan 19, 2019

Effect of Prostitution on Health

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I was driving round the town and what is see mostly are teens, women, ladies who use their body to get money through intimacy with men. Many also do porn to raise money negleting some of the effect this may cause them.

effect of prostitution on health

Imagine a porn artist who raise close to $1000 to $2000 per show will see this as work and continues to go pro in it. The only excuse these ladies give is that they had no money, they have no jobs, they have or family or parental care, and that they had no hope but the quickest way to make money is to use their body, sleep with men for money or engage in other act.

If you are a sex worker, a porn star or you intend to go into this line of work, then some of the effect awaits you which includes;  

1. Diseases: One of the harmful effect of prostitution or porn is that you can actually contact serious disease such as sexually transmit diseases, viral, bacteria or fungi disease which pose risk to your health which may also cause death. You really do not know the background of the man or woman you want to have s3x with, mind you many men, women, ladies carries different diseases in them and your contact with them without protection can cause more harm than good for your health.

2. Drugs: One of the effect of prostitution is that sex workers get easily addicted to hard drugs and alcohol. Even if they don't like you, some customers will like them to take some drugs to do inhuman sex act. Of course, you know anyone addicted to drugs is killing him or herself gradually because some organs will be getting weaker and such person will be getting near death.

3. Violence: Many people engaged in prostitution are faced with violence in one way or the other. At times, the customer may refuse to pay insisting the lady must perform for few more times, this can lead to argument and what flows such is a slap, stab, cut, fight which usually leave the girls injured all these in the name of money making.
4. Cancer: If you engage or about to engage in act of porn or prostitution, you will sleep with many men, accountable and some may even pay you extra to swallow their fluid. My dear, swallowing fluid from many people especially those infected results to cancer either in the early part of life or latter. You may think the money is good, but your health matters most. If you don't know, prostate cancer can be cause by excessive act of sex either in men or women, if what you do is to taste or swallow, then expect cancer in the later part of your life.

5.  Addiction: People who are into the business of prostitution are often addicted to sex, alcohol, drugs, or may even become something inhuman because their customer pay well for it. I will describe this as self destruction because every addiction is a bad thing. Imagine someone getting addicted to drugs, then such a fellow can contact kidney, liver or lung diseases which mean death.

6. Rapid Aging : If you love your health, then you wont indulge in act that pays you to sleep with people for money because if you do that, you will get old 3x faster than you think. Most sex workers usually diminishes faster because they stress their body and a girl of 31 may as well look 50 as she continues. This is a serious health implication which must be stopped.

Many of these ladies usually responded my questions saying "its the fastest way t make money" which i disagree because their are better ways to make money aside prostitution. If you have some skills, then get paid with it and if you haven't any, learn some skills. This will pay you at the long run and not with your money.  Thanks for reading.

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