Jan 17, 2019

Effect of Not Drinking Enough Water

Water is a free gift of nature and its the most consumed substance in the world. Water is the basis of life, digestion, cell development and i don't think anyone can do without drinking water daily or else so fellow will shrink to death.

I also read sometimes ago in a publication claiming that excess water cause weight gain which am categorically telling you that its a fallacy that can cause damage the bodies.

But in one way or the other, you may experience the following symptoms if you do not drink water or if the water content in your body is low.

1. Mouth Dryness: Lack of water or refusing to drink water will make your mouth dry, irritating not only to you but to people and i believe that is a discomfort on its own. When you experience dryness in your mouth, drink water and you will immediately see the change when you do so.

2. Dry Skin: the effect of not having enough water in your body system is synonymous to dryness in the mouth. If you don't drink enough water, you stand a chance of getting a dry skin which loos irritated to some extents and you may not even sweat which means excess body waste(salt) are stored in your body and cant be passed out as sweat through the skin. You need to drink more water to avoid these effect.

3. Discomfort: Many discomfort in the body is as result of lack of water in the body system. I ate hurriedly and i forgot to drink water thinking i can always get a bottle of water after few minutes but to my surprise i couldn't get any so, i couldn't get myself anymore because i was feeling dehydrated inside of me until i rush down to get water to drink. You see this a bad habit and allowing the body to respond badly due to this.

4. Dryness in the Eye: If your body lacks water, not only the skin and mouth will respond to this but the entire body part including the eye. If you notice a slight dryness in the eye accompanied with hitching effect, then you need to drink water because water can also result to such.

5. Pains: The whole body is made up of 80% water including the joints, bones and muscles. So , if your body lack water, you experience some pains in the joint region because the water that help to lubricate the joint is reduced, so you feel pains and get fatigue.
Drinking Water

6. Sickness: The body contains water and when water seems deficient in the body, that is the beginning of sickness to the individual. Water in the body help  our certain waste products like a flush out foreign body in the body which help prevent diseases and all form of sickness in the body.

7. Digestion: Water is the basis of digestion in the body, it clears the bowel and enables other digestive organs to work properly e.g kidney. Without water, the body get dehydrated and constipation may be experienced.

8. Reduced Urination: Reduced urination is what happened when a body lack water. The effect can be so harmful to the body because excess minerals may not leave the body and much work is done by the kidney which means this may cause kidney problem for the individual

9. Aging: As anyone increase in age, your water retaining level decreases which means you need to drink lot of water as you grow older and you know water is responsible for the general body metabolism, digestion and proper functioning of the body.

In conclusion, the effect of not drinking water described above is enough for you to drink water daily just to help yourself stay free of diseases, sickness and keep your weight. Thanks for reading. 

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