Jan 8, 2019

Can Too Much Exercise Cause Fatigue?

Does Too much Exercise cause Fatigue?

I receive this questions some minutes ago through my comment box and i felt i should answer the questions using this medium

Exercise is good, it makes the body fit, it increases the body metabolism, it aids digestion, it helps removes unwanted fluid in the body, it causes weight loss,it regulate the heart pressure and heart beats.

The advantages of exercise is too numerous to the body. Exercises like jogging, walking, running, skipping, yoga, tennis, swimming all helps the body to achieve the best health care and all of that.

But back to the questions, " Does too much exercise cause Fatigue? the answer to these questions is yes. Since too much of everything is bad and can be deadly, then the exercise you perform when its too much can cause pains and fatigue.


That is why you should do everything in moderation, exercise in moderation because there's a level at which the heart can be exercise, that is why its good to start slowly and when you are fully fit, you can add more time.

Your heart, veins, muscles, arteries and other body organs needs to be stretched at first then later accommodate to the exercise.

So, the advice i recommend in order not to get fatigue, you need to start slowly and don't over work your body. Don't do too much because you want fast results but be moderate. I think I've been able to give answers to these questions "does too much exercise cause fatigue?


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