Jan 26, 2019

Can Sugarcane Cause Diabetes?

How does Sugarcane Cause Diabetes? I was listening to a debate online on a topic which says “Can sugarcane cause diabetes?" So many people, viewers, visitors, contributed to the topic which I also contributed but I am using this medium to also allow my users to gain from what was discussed relating to sugarcane and diabetes.

One of the contributors said sugarcane may not cause diabetes because it’s a natural plant which contains natural sugar like fructose and for that, it cannot cause diabetes but a doctor did not agree  to the point made by the contributor that sugarcane can't cause diabetes.

But for me, my take on this topic is based on my research on the causes of diabetes, and I concluded that sugarcane can cause diabetes especially when taken in excess by adults.
What causes diabetes? Diabetes is caused when the liver fails to produce bile that produce insulin which breakdown sugar but failure of the bile to produce insulin result to diabetes. Now, sugarcane contains fructose which later breakdown to glucose. 

Just like any other carbohydrate foods like yam, bread, rice, flour, soft drinks which causes diabetes when consumed in excess, I noticed that sugarcane also shows similar symptoms of diabetes when consumed. Based on my research, I concluded that sugarcane can cause diabetes due to the following reasons;


1. Weakness;  a friend of mine said he bought plenty sugarcane and after eating it for 3days, he said he started to feel tired easily and when he consult the doctor, he was tested for high sugar in the blood and he was told to stay from sugarcane for a while. After staying away from sugarcane, the blood sugar level was reduced which means, sugar can cause diabetes if he had continue to eat more of it.

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2. Frequent Urination; one of the common symptoms of diabetes in the body is frequent urination which may occur when a matured man or woman eat too much of sugarcane. I notice when you eat sugarcane, digestion of sugarcane starts in the mouth because it’s a liquid and the more you eat, the more the sugar accumulate in the body which may affect the production of insulin that may cause diabetes. So, I suggest you should eat sugarcane in moderation to get the best out of it. But for other people around age 50 and above, just ignore eating sugarcane or eat it once in a while.

3. Blur vision; another fact I gathered from my friend who I said ate sugarcane for week is that he said he started to have a blur vision but when he went to see a doctor, a sugar test was conducted and he prove positive to sugar. The doctor then ask him to stop eating sugary foods like sugarcane which means sugarcane can cause diabetes especially when addicted to it or when taking in excess.

4. Dehydration; another common symptoms of diabetes is that it causes dehydration due to frequent urination of the victim. This similar is similar to a research result I read on consumption of sugarcane and diabetes. This I also noticed from my friend who had diabetes due to excess sugarcane consumption. But immediately he stop taking sugarcane and intramuscular insulin were administered to him, the sugar level dropped and he was okay after then.

5. Hemorrhage; I observed that some people experience pains and stains of blood from the anus when they eat sugarcane in excess. This is due to the presence of excess sugar in the blood or body when you eat sugarcane. So, I suggest if you are around age 45yrsto 60, you should reduce at rate at which you eat sugarcane. 

6. Stomach Disorder: another good reason why sugarcane may cause diabetes in some people is the fact that it causes stomach upset in some people which also a sign of pile. For anybody with such stomach disorder, a sugar test should be conducted so as if the problem is really from the sugarcane that was consumed. 

In Conclusion, I believe the facts discussed above shows that sugarcane can actually cause diabetes which need to be consumed in moderation. For children, sugarcane can be digested easily with high amount of energy but for older people, it should be eaten only once in a while or less. Keep yourself safe from diabetes and protect your body from excess sugar by eating sugarcane only in moderation. Thanks for reading.

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