Jan 14, 2019

Best Health Tips For the Year 2019

I welcome you to the new year 2019 and i really need to give the best advice on how to stay healthy throughout the year 2016 which i believe you will gain as you read on with this post.  The new year 2019 is going to be a good year and this site has promised to give you the best health care advice and solution to various health issues.

How to Stay Healthy in the year 2019.

Either you are a male or female, young or old, married or divorce, you need to take care of your health this new year and ways you can do that includes;

1. Eat Fruits and Vegetables :  The best health care tips or the best way to stay healthy this year is to eat more of fruits and vegetables. It contains vitamins and  minerals which nourishes the body and make you look healthy.

2.  Avoid Fatty Foods: Another recommended health tips for anyone to adhere to is that excessive consumption of fatty foods like fried foods should be avoided. Most fatty foods contains cholesterol which i believe is bad because it can cause diseases like heart disease, high blood pressure etc.

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3.  Walk: Apart from food related ideas, a good health care advice i also recommend in 2019i s to always ensure you walk a few distance. Its a form of exercise and help you get the best fitness and shape you want. Walking also reduces the rate of food digestion in the body. 

4. Avoid Salts and Sugar: Salts contains sodium ion which in excess causes heart related diseases like hypertension while sugar cause diabetes. It will do you lot of good if you stay away from excess consumption of salts and sugar this year 2019

5.  Cardio Exercise: This is a new year 2016 and to stay healthy throughout the year, you need to keep yourself fit by finding time to exercise your body with cardio exercise like jogging, skipping, running, football, hurdles, skipping, swimming and many more.

These are things you need to put into consideration for good health in the new year 2019 and i really want my readers to always put this into consideration any day and anytime. Thanks for reading.  


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