Jan 11, 2019

Best Exercise for Stay at Home Moms to Lose Weight

As we all know that its very easy for stay at home, nursing mothers or work from home moms to gain weight since most of their activities is carried out at home but the bed or food may be tempting to them which makes them eat more, sleep more and gain weight faster.
lose weight for moms

But there are exercises that can be done for moms who are at home, nursing babies to lose weight and still carried out their house chores or jobs. It means, stay at home moms can combine weight loss programs along with their routine and still look fine, fresh and beautiful without storing fat at the butt, thigh or chest region.

The best exercise i will recommend for women, stay at home jobs, work from home moms etc is the simple exercises stated below;
  • Cardio-Exercise: This is one of the best and fast way to lose weight even as a stay at home mother. Anything you do that makes your heart beat fast is called cardio exercise such as running, jogging, skipping, aging, walking fast, walking up and down the stairs etc all increase heart beat which is what we need here.
  • Eat Habit: One of the effective ways that works greatly in terms of weight loss for stay at home mom is the change in eating habit. To lose weight, you need to cut down of junks food, sugar, can drinks, energy drinks, starch, heavy food and rather g for vegetables, fibers and fresh fruits.
  • Dancing: Dancing is fun, interesting and also a good activity that works for women especially because dancing engage the entire body part and increases heart beat. You could play music, dance to any  kind of music either funk, hip hop, jazz, etc. If you are a stay at home mother, then what you need is to find a good track or favorite music for yourself and dance to it, then you lose weight.
  • Walking or Running:  Walking and running is also an effective way to lose weight especially for stay at home. Many stay at home mom or moms usually find hard time cutting down fat then, walking around or running may be the best option. But what works for most women is to take a walk from their home to the market if its too far, shop, upstairs or downstairs without lift etc. All these help to burn down calories and you get over being overweight at home especially for nursing mothers.
These are the best exercise for stay at home moms, nursing mother or work from home jobs.  It works for other people and definitely it can also work for you. Thanks for reading.

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