Jan 29, 2019

8 Foods That Can Make You Look Younger

Are there foods that can make people look younger? A reader sent a mail asking me to list the type of food that can make her look younger and i reply with the link to this post. The different food we eat usually belongs to one class of food or the other which includes carbohydrate, proteins, fats., vitamins etc but all of these food increase our growth.
to look younger

So, instead of getting older with age with the kind of food we eat, there are other food items that can also make people look younger, fresh and free of diseases no matter the level of consumption. Some of the foods that when consumed can make you look younger includes;

1. Coffee: Taking Coffee can be very healthy especially when taking in moderation during the start of a new day. Coffee contains some compounds that help protect your body/skin from common cancer which is also called melanoma. According to researches coffee protect people from diseases and taking a cup of coffee can keep you younger and prevent malignant melanoma.

2. Watermelon: This is also a fruit that can be recommended for people of any age to make them look younger. Watermelon contains a substance called lycopene which has been proven to help keep the skin from ultraviolet rays effect and also act as anti-aging for the skin. It also aids digestion which helps maintain the normal body weight thereby preventing obesity.

3. Oranges: This food inform of fruit contains Vitamin C that help in digestion, fight diseases, prevent wrinkles in the skin, wrinkles and help remove free radicals from the body. Oranges also contains natural chemicals like anthocyanins which help give the skin a natural look.
4. Blueberries : If you want to maintain your young fresh look and body, i will recommend you to eat blueberries because it contains Vitamin-C and also contains antioxidants that help brightens the skin instead of using hydroquinone to bleach your skin.

5. Lobster : Lobster is sea food which is high in zinc but not only that, it also contains anti-inflammatory substance in the shell that can help the sm
oothness  the skin, prevent rashes and also act as anti-aging substance that can help treat a wide range of skin related diseases, eczema,rashes, acne etc.

6. Kale : Kale is classified as food item that is rich in vitamin K which helps in blood clotting and it also ensures good sight and correct night vision. Kale also contains iron which you know ensures blood formation. It means that, a shortage of Iron in the body can cause shortage of blood which can cause pale look or death.

7. Eggs : Egg belongs to the class of food called proteins. It supplies the body with proteins which help repair worn-out tissues in the body. Eggs contains Biotin works as amino acids metabolite.
Egg is go for growth but adults must eat it in moderation, this means few quantities per day.

8 Walnuts : Walnut is good for the body and its recommended for youths, children, adults, old people etc because it contain many chemicals that performs one function of the other in the body. For example, Walnut contains Vitamin E which boost fertility. It also contains fatty acid that provide natural oil for the skin  and the copper it contains also act as anti-aging agent to the hair.

These are food substance items when consumed adds value to the body and can make you look younger and not aged unlike when you eat other food that adds more calories to your body and make you look older than your age. Thanks for reading this post.

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