Jan 7, 2019

6 Causes of Hair Loss in Men and the Solutions

Most men observe hair loss on their head at one stage or the other, many of them experience these hair loss at the early stage while others get theirs at the later age of their life time.

Not all baldness in men are inherited as genetics will explain it but most hair loss occur due to some reasons which are discussed as you read on with this post which explains cause of hair loss in most men.
hair loss

Now, let us look at the cause of these loss of hair in men which includes mine and some of the reasons for these loss especially at the front side of the head includes;

1. Balding Gene: In some men, baldness or hair loss are caused to the presence of balding gene in their DNA. According to genetics, the DNA is an inherited materials which means these can be inherited from the parent of the individual. If the father is bald then its possible the son go bald too due to the inherited factor called DNA which contains the bald gene in it.

2. Hair Loss Due to Hormones: One of the major thing that causes baldness in men is the presence of an hormone called (DHT) dihydrotestosterone which is a male hormone that causes hair;loss in men. It can be corrected through the use of drugs which you can google of consult your doctor.

3. Hair Loss due to Diet:  Another thing that can cause hair loss in men is lack of certain minerals or element in diet can result to baldness. It means certain elements such as copper, zinc, selenium, iron, iodine etc. There are more elements which when missing in food could result to baldness. To avoid getting bald for men, they need to eat balanced diet.

4. Hair Loss Due to Stress: Another way to lose hair for men or what also caused baldness in men i stress. When a man work too much, without rest, without sleep added with some emotional problems such as poverty then such person will experience some hair loss and other health issues like hypertension, blood pressure etc

5. Hair Loss Due to Smoking: Its proven that smokers are liable to die young. Not only that, its cause lungs problems, affect protein synthesis which brings about hair loss in men. What you only need is to stop smoking or at one stage or the other, you experience baldness if you continue smoking.  

6. Excessive Hair Cut Carving:  I think what really cause mine is the early shaping or carving of my hair with clipper. Some barbers will just continue to shape your hair inside and later hair will refuse to grow in that area. One will begin to experience early stage of baldness but this can be corrected simply by avoiding such.

Since we've been able to identify all these cause of hair loss in men or for men, i think it will do anyone good to quickly adjust to lifestyle that can prevent hair loss for them. Although hair loss is never a disease but can be prevent to keep you in shape. Thanks for reading.

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