Jan 29, 2019

5 Things Women Hide from their Husbands

There are so many things women hide from husband either as a new couple, old couple or as an intending couple which is not suppose to be. As a man or if you are a guy, you need to be prepared for some actions women performs in marriage but your understanding and wisdom to abide by such makes you a real man.


Don’t be surprise when you come across some of these act in your marriage and you will be like “why should my lady/wife or fiancee do this”  Some of these things includes;

1. Health Concerns: A woman might hide some health issues from her husband just to protect the man from worry. She believes keeping her health issues alone to herself is the best especially issues like breast lumps, cancer, STDs etc.  I will advice men to get prepared for such and women should let their husbands know about their health issues.

2. Past Relationship: Just for security, women do not really like to talk much about their past relationships, problems in the relationship and few difficulties she must have undergone in the past relationship.  After a while, some issues will occur during marriage and reference will be made to her past relationship but I will advice men to use this as wisdom to apply in other issues. 

3. Sexual Activity:  Women feel uncomfortable to tell their husbands, boyfriends or fiancee their sexual activity. Many times, they could not even tell their men if they are actually satisfied during sex.  The worst thing about this is that many of them even feel shy to tell their husbands about their desired ways their men should handle them in bed. 

4. Personal Successes:  Women don’t feel comfortable talking about their personal success to their husbands due to one reasons or the order. Most women believe when they begin to earn more than their husbands, some men will become jealous and problem will start from there.

5. Bank Accounts: Most Women/ladies usually keep their bank accounts secret for reasons best known to them.  Some men get jealous of huge pay their wives earn and some also may believe if the wife is actually dating her boss to earn high.

If you are a husband, just don't get annoyed when you come across some of these things and wives also should tell their husband everything he needs to know about her past, health, finances etc. Thanks for reading.

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