Jan 29, 2019

5 Food to Avoid if You Want Six Packs

What people especially young ladies look for in men or guys is the firmness of the body and a V-Shaped body part called six packs. Six packs really showed the healthiness of a man and is referred to as "being handsome"
Six packs
To guys, its not so easy to get a six packs but with good aerobic exercise and reduction of food, it can be attained. Along with the exercise to get six packs, there are food you should avoid for the exercise to work which includes;

1. Starchy Grains: Grains are class of food which gives energy and are referred to as carbohydrate which includes foods like corn, rice, bread, wheat, and pasta. Although, grains are good because it gives energy but when consumed in excess, it results to weight gain which is unnecessary for those who need to work out to get six packs.

2. Tubers: For guys who desired six packs through work out, one of the food that needs to be avoided is tubers. Tubers are class of food that give energy and breaks down to complex sugars. Examples of tubers are potato, yam, coco-yam, cassava etc. When consumed in excess, it may cause weight gain but for guys who want to work out to have six packs, then tubers should be avoided.  

3. Red Meat : To have six packs, you need to do away with red meat which contains proteins The same 20-year study found that people who ate more red and processed meat gained weight, too—about one extra pound every four years. In another study, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, researchers worked with more than 370,000 people and found that folks who ate the equivalent of a small steak a day gained about five pounds in five years.

4. Fatty Foods: One of the food you need to avoid during work out to get six packs is to avoid fatty foods like cakes, ice cream, yogurt, oil, fried foods etc.  Even for people who do not even require six packs also need to do away with these fatty foods because they are not good for the body and they from fats in the body.

5. Sugar Drinks:  The sweet taste of soft drinks, sugar drinks, alcohol, beer are drinks that prevents the formation of six packs in the body of men even after exercise. They add calories to the body despite they are fluid.

These are foods that should avoided in order to have a good work to achieving the best six packs. Thanks for reading.

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