Jan 5, 2019

4 Common Diseases of the Kidney and the Remedies

Diseases of the Kidney and the Remedies

An important aspect of the human body that needs to be taken care of is the kidney but many people destroys their kidney due to some bad habit possess by them.

Many people do not know the effect of these habit until their kidney begins to malfunctions. The kidney is responsible for osmo-regulations in the body which means a process whereby the body of human regulate balance between water and salt. It ensures the body does not lack water and salt or do not have it in excess.

Some of the diseases the conditions that affect the functioning of the kidneys includes;

1. Hot temperature - losing excess water due to increasing temperature
2. Excessive drugs - taking too much drugs

3. Habitat - hypo-tonic or hyper-tonic

4. Diseases such as kidney stones, diuresis, dropsy and many more.

Some of the diseases of kidney and their remedies includes;

1. Diuresis: This is a condition where the cells of kidney tubules are not reabsorbing water and as a result, more water is passed out as urine. Diuresis also occurs due to diabetes when the body produces less water and the patients produce more urine in a day.

Effect of Diuresis
It leads to weight loss
It may lead to thirst for water
it leads to excretion of large amount of urine
It may lead to emaciation


  • Surgical operation can be performed on patient
  •  diuretic can be given to reduce excess water
2. Nephritis : this is a condition in which the blood vessels in Bowman's capsule becomes inflamed and cannot carryout it functions which leads to passage of fluid from the body as urine. Nephritis causes weakness of the body, it causes pains, it causes fever and inflammation of the kidney stones


  • Use of dialysis - an aritifcial way to remove excess water from the body
  •  Use of antibiotics - there are some antibiotics that are really strong and can help fight against this diseases.
  •   Kidney transplant  - The infected kidney can as well be replaced with a healthy kidney.
    kidney diseases and remedies
3. Kidney Stones: This disease is cause by a growth which affect urine passage and may affect the flow of urine. It causes severe pains, it causes fever and disturbs the passage of urine in the urinary system.

  • Patients may avoid the excess use of calcium
  • Operations may be performed to remove kidney stones
  •  Pateints should also reduce intake of proteins

4. Oedema: This is a kidney diseases which cause swollen in some part of the body like the face, ankles and legs.. It happens when the bowman capsule could not absorb in the tubules
It causes sluggishness, swollen part of the face, leg and ankle and may cause weakness.


  • 1. Patient should seek medical attention by specialist
  • 2. Patients should reduce water intake
  • 3. Kidney transplant can be done to replace unhealthy kidney and replace with healthy one.
You only need to take care if your health, avoid things that will make your kidney go wrong, watch what you eat and live healthily. Thanks for reading.

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