Jan 5, 2019

3 Common Diseases of liver and their Remedies

Diseases of liver and their Remedy

The liver is one of the most important organ in the body just like the kidney that was discussed in our previous topic. The primary function is that the liver secrete bile that helps in emulsification of fat and other metabolic activities in the body which includes;

Regulation of blood sugar, detoxification, regulation of blood protein, production of bile, formation of blood cells, production of heat, regulation of heat, breakdown of red blood cells, storage of vitamins, preserve blood and many more.

Diseases of Liver and Remedies includes;

1. Diabetes Mellitus: This diseases occurs whne there is a fault in the liver cells to convert excess glucose in the blood to glycogen. Its also due to the inability of the pancreases to produce insulin. Diabetes causes weakness, blurred vision, dehydration, loss of weight due to frequent urination

1. Avoid carbohydrate rich food
2. Diabetic drugs can be administered
3. Insulin can also be administered to patients

2. Infective Hepatitis; This diseases occurs as a result of viral infection or toxic substance from drugs and alcohol. It leads to frequent urination, loss of weight, loss of appetite, body weakness etc

liver diseases and its remedy
  • Remedy
  • Diabetic drugs should be administered
  • Patients can be given special diet
  • Drugs and alcohol should be avoided

3. Gall stones: This disease is caused by precipitation of cholesterol in the gall bladder of an individual which block the passage of the duct. It causes yellowing of the skin or eyes, slow digestion and weakness of the body.

1. Drugs must be adminstered to patients
2. The stones can as well be dissolved through oral acid
3. surgical operation can be done to remove stones

Based on the diseases and remedy discussed above, you now see reasons why we need to take care of our health especially the liver. In addition, the liver digest drugs and when you take more excess drugs like alcohol or even pain relievers, you stand a chance of damaging your liver base on the excess work load you are given to it.

Just try as much as possible to avoid overdose of drugs, drug abuse and remember to eat more vegetables and vitamins so as to keep other organs in the body to work properly. Thanks for reading.

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