Jan 2, 2019

10 Things That Make Women Attractive to Men

men healthWomen don't just get attracted to women just for no reason but they see something which men thing are not necessary but count.

Since we are talking about health and fitness, i found it useful to tell guys/men/boys on what ladies want and how to fix it to get them easily.

You can control some while you may not control others. These traits includes;

1. Money Money: Research shows that most women loves luxury, gift, money and guys who have such are easily attracted to by girls. If any man/boy or guy has money, god business, cars etc, girls will just keep coming to such person. To the extent that ladies prefer older men because of their money and they take them as sugar daddy.

2. Piercing/Tattoos: For guys who had the gut to pierce their body probably on the ear, nose or tattoos.Some girls love that while others may not like. Tattoos, Piercing of some part of the body is a turn-on for some ladies.

3. Deep Voice
: If a man's voice is deep, some ladies or women thinks is a sign of good health and maturity so, they get attracted to it. A deep voice in men looks romantic to some ladies but its a sign of maturity to most women.

4. Height: If a guy is got the height, such guy will be attracted to by many women or ladies. An average lady refers a tall man or tall guy not just for anything but believes a tall man is an handsome man.

5. Six Packs: Women loves a guy with a good V-Shaped body with six packs.As a guy, if you need attraction by ladies, visit the gym, work out and get some packs in you. Its a good way to become healthy and women loves when V-Shaped guy open their body either in the room. pool or at the beach. So, the attraction is high for guys with six packs by ladies of any age.

6. Funny: Research shows that ladies/women love men who makes them laugh, guys who are funny and guys with good sense of humor because funny guys don't really take things hard, they make jokes of everything which is a turn - on for most women.

7. Good look: Every women wants their man to be the handsome type which means good looking men are weak point for any women. As a man, do all you could to stay handsome,some which includes good hair cut, shining skin, health teeth etc.

8. Good Smell
: many studies have shown that women love good smell which makes them attractive to men who uses body spray or men or smell nice.

9. Confidence: Women prefer guys who are sure of themselves, men who knows what they are doing, men who stands by their word when it comes to decision making and men who can knows their worth with some sense of humility.

10. Understanding: If you are such a man who shows lot of understanding when it comes to issues regarding women, ladies, girls then, you will gain more attraction from women. Women loves men with good understanding regarding past events, present issues or arguments.

These are the things that makes women attractive to men. If you are a man or guy girls neglect many times, then check some f these ideas and you will see it works. Thanks for reading

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