Jan 2, 2019

10 Deadly Food Items Found in Kitchens But Shouldn't be

Deadly Food itemsThis is a list of food items that are too dangerous for the health and when you keep them in your kitchen, you will be tempted to eat them excessively and they could cause damage to the body.

You may have them but do not consume too much of them because they add more calories to the body, some of these food even add more sugar and salt to the body while some of these food items also increases the fat contents of the body.

The list of deadly food in a kitchen and should be avoided includes;

1. Red Meat

2. Baked Foods

3. Fried Foods

4. Sugar

5. Sugary Drinks

6. Sugary Cereals

7. White Chocolate

8. French Fries

9. Micro-wave Popcorn

10. Ice Cream

11. Margarine

12. Diet Soda

13. White Bread

14. Cakes

15. Doughnuts

16. Alcohol

17. Potato Chips

18. Yogurts

19. Whole Milk

20. Snacks Bar

These foods are recommended for children because they are young and many of them still needs sugar, fat for body developments but for adult, it looks deadly to stock all these in your kitchen but instead, you need to store more fruits, vegetables, fiber crops etc but if you have kids, keep them but mind you they are not meant for adults to eat. Thanks for reading.

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