Jan 25, 2019

10 Common Signs and Symptoms of Diabetes

What are the Signs and Symptoms of Diabetes?
Few weeks back, we wrote on a topic which describes the signs and symptoms of Diabetes and the natural cure or ways to prevent it but someone ask me to be more specific on the common signs and symptoms of diabetes so as to take note of that and that is why am writing using this medium to pass the message across to my fans and readers to also learn few things about diabetes.

If you know the sign and symptoms of diabetes then if you see or you notice any signs related to that, you should immediately visit the doctor for treatments or medical advice. Diabetes is a type of disease which occur when the body accumulates too much sugar or when the blood stream contains excess sugar than the insulin can breakdown. The insulin is an organ in the body that helps to breakdown sugar contents in the blood stream but when there's a fault that the insulin can't do that anymore, it result to diabetes. Both Diabetes Type I or Diabetes Type II are very risky to the health and if not treated on time could lead to other disease like high blood pressure, stroke or other cardio vascular diseases.

The signs and symptoms stated below should be careful considered for better health free of excess glucose in the blood cells. This includes;

1. Frequent Urination: One of the common signs and symptoms of diabetes you should take note is frequent urination. If you notice either you or anyone you know is urinating more often than usual then such person you either go for sugar test or visit the doctor. Don't say frequent urination is normal and should be ignored, it is mostly associated with diabetes.

2. Drowsiness: Another common symptoms of diabetes you should take note is drowsiness or too much of sleep. When the blood cells lacks glucose, the body becomes inactive which causes drowsiness or you feel sleepy almost all the time. This is as a result of excess sugar in the body leading to diabetes.
symptoms of Diabetes

3. Thirst: Another signs and symptoms of Diabetes is extreme thirst. When the blood contains too much of glucose or if the body lacks glucose, the body demands more water and you feel thirst often and often. If yo are currently experiencing this, pleases you need to see the doctor as fast as possible.

4. Blurred Vision: Blurred vision of changes in Vision is another signs and symptoms of excess sugar in the body called diabetes. Someone told me that his eyes are blurred and the lens of his eyes are changing shape as if its shaking, i immediately ask the man to go for a sugar test or he should book an appointment with his doctor and as soon as he did that, the doctor confirmed an early stage of diabetes which is very curable and prevented before getting worse. So, changes in the eye,iris, lens or vision are common signs of diabetes type 1 or type 2 you should note.

5. Sugar in Urine: Another common way to identify excess sugar in the body is through the urine. You can test this by peeing at a corner and watch what happened next to urine. If sugar ants where seen around the urine, it means the urine contains sugar or you can just take a drop of the urine, if you experience any sugary tast, it means the body contains excess sugar which is means Diabetes is calling.

6. Heavy Breathing: Another common signs of diabetes is if the person or victim begins to experience difficulty in breathing, the doctor should be called immediately because at that stage, it can be deadly.

7. Weight Loss:
One of the symptoms or signs of Diabetes that is common is weight loss. If after the individual have experience other signs like frequent urination, blurred vision and still noticing some reduction in his or her weight, then it may be a symptoms of Diabetes which means the person should immediately see the doctor for medical treatments or such person should go for blood test in a reputable and registered lab.

8. Unhealed Wounds: Another common signs and symptoms of Diabetes is failure of a wound to get healed on time. Some people don't know they have Diabetes but when at any slight injury and the cut refuse to go, then that is a sign of excess sugar in the blood stream and immediately a Doctor should be called upon for medical diagnosis.

9. Weakness: Some people feel week which i believe is also a common sign of Diabetes. Either Diabetes type 1 or Type 2, weakness occurs due to excess or low sugar in the blood stream.

In Conclusion, the points listed above are the common signs and symptoms of Diabetes and not only you should know about them but you should consult your doctor as soon as anyone you know, your family member or you notice some signs. Diabetes kills, it may result to other life threatening diseases and that is the more reason you need to consult the doctor if any of the following signs are noticed. Thanks for reading.

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