Jan 11, 2019

10 Benefits of Drinking Orange Juice in the Morning

Can i Drink Orange fruit in the Morning? Yes its good to eat some fruits especially orange in morning due to its value for the health. Orange contains some vitamins which are beneficial to the body especially when taking in the body before or after meal.
orange juice

Orange fruit is good in the morning either before or after breakfast and the other advantage of taking orange juice in the morning includes;

1. Boosts your immune system : Orange fruits contains vitamin C, which help build the immune system, repair tissues and help fight great cold and catarrh.  Orange juice not only contain vitamin C but also K (Potassium), help enhance nerve activities and help reduce blood pressure.

2. Balances pH : Eating oranges or drinking orange juice in the morning or daily help to reduce the body level of acidity. Orange contain a natural acid called citric acid but get neutralized in the body after digestion which seems to be beneficial to the body.

3. Helps with weight loss : Oranges also help to reduce calories due to the presence of high fiber it contains.Drinking oranges also help maintain a considerable amount of acid and alkaline in the body which help lose some weight in the body of humans. 
4. Digestion: Oranges generally aids digestion and the best time to eat or drink an orange juice is in the morning. Doing this will help the body system t breakdown food easily, faster and remove unwanted materials from the body in form of waste or urine.

5. Diuretic: Oranges act a diuretic thereby increasing the rate at which urine is passed out from the body which help clean the body the more. Oranges help release toxins that keeps the urinary organ functional and in shape.

6. Healthy skin: Oranges contains vitamin C which also help reduce the rate at which the body wrinkles, age and blemishes. Orange substances can always help reduce the appearance of scars, rashes and other skin diseases from the body. 

7. Freshens breath: One f the basic function of vitamin is that it help prevent Scurvy and can also reduce tooth pain, gum problems, tooth decay and removal of infections from the body. All these can be achieved through the citric acid orange contains. 

8. Stress: One of the function of Vitamin C in Oranges is that it help reduce stress especially when you eat the orange fruit in it raw state.

9. Food Reduction: I notice that when i drink a cup of orange juice in the money reduces my cravings for other food substance. In other words, you get filled up when you drink orange in the money and your demand for food or junks can be cut down to the bare minimum.

These are some of the benefit of drinking or eating orange in the morning. It help stay healthy, regulate body and cell metabolism which the basis of good health. Thanks for reading.

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