Jun 17, 2019

How to Handle High Cost of Prescription Drugs

With the recent increase in the cost of prescription drugs almost everywhere in the world, i only felt that we need to educate ourselves on what to do and how we can go about when there is no money to purchase this drugs. Some prescription drugs are really on the high side after making some simple sampling on the cost of drugs relating to illness like stroke, hypertension, typhoid, cancer, malaria and other sexually related or transmitted diseases.

How Can we Cope with the High Cost of Prescription Drugs?  In our last update, we discussed on different ways to handle and cope with the high cost of food and in case you miss that post, see the link below and read the post especially for people living in Nigeria or other part of Africa where things are really getting expensive.

Due to economic problems in some part of the world, the cost of drugs are really on the high side. People with various sickness like diabetes, tuberculosis, asthma, malaria, typhoid, high blood pressure, stroke etc all need to buy prescription drugs either in drugs store or online but when the price is too high, many of them do know what to do and the situation get worse.

How to handle high cost of drugs
As you read on with this post, we will be describing different ways to handle high cost of prescription drugs, how you can afford it and make it available for use. These includes;

1. Visit Your Doctor: If you notice you could not afford the price of any prescription drug and you really need to use it to cure a particular disease or ailment, please talk with your doctor. Doctors are human beings like you and you get the best medical advice from the doctor. The doctor will be in a position to help you out by telling you where you can get the drugs cheaply, giving you some and telling the alternatives that seems to be inexpensive and affordable.

2. Find Alternative
: One of the ways to cope with the high cost of drugs is to find alternative drugs like the generic ones. The doctor or any other medical practitioner can help you out in these area, they can tell you another generic drug that can perform the same function with the one you want and are very cheap. For example, i bought to buy a malaria which seems expensive but was recommended to another by my doctor which seems less but much more effective than the expensive drugs.

3. Go Get Free Drugs: When drugs are too expensive to bear like the situation in some West African countries like Nigeria now, you need to source for free drugs. There are Government designated areas where drugs are distributed for free to people who can't buy them especially the old or elderly people. You can search this online or in your area, i believe you can get one that helps with free drugs.

4. Drugs at Wholesales Store: When you notice the drugs you are about to buy is too expensive, you just need to check out wholesales store around you where some of these drugs are bought at cheap prices. It may not be free but it cheaper and affordable.

5. Government Health Centers: Health centers owned by Governments all free drugs and treatments for the people, you just need to visit the one closest to your area. Some people don't know that these health care centers are set up by the Government to assist people in terms of free treatments and drugs along with good medical advice from pharmacist and doctors

6. Save Money: One of the ways to also buy drugs even if the drugs are expensive is to save. You save to buy these drugs especially for people who have no families or friends to help them out financially.

7. Check Non-Governmental Organizations: There are many NGOs that helps provide support for the people. Many of these Non-Governmental Organization helps people by providing them with free drugs when they couldn't afford one. If you in these category, search for an NGO, visit them and talk to them, you might be given one.

8. Beg for it: When drugs are too expensive to obtain, then on of the things you can do is to solicit financial support from friends and families, you never can tell who will help you with money to buy those drugs. If you don't ask people for this, they might not know what is happening, so you tell them you need money to buy some drugs for yourself.

These are simple ways to handle the high cost of drugs. When the drugs are too expensive and you can afford it, you just need to tell your doctor about it, look for generic cheap ones, check the wholesales stores or you visit Government owned health centres where you can get these drugs for free. Thanks for reading.
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Benefits of Natural Hair Care Product to the Hair and Skin

What are the advantages of natural hair products to the skin and the hair? I decided to write on the the various benefits of using natural hair product both on the skin and to the hair due to the persistence mails we get wanting us to elaborate more on the use of natural care product for both the skin and the hair.

One of the the main benefits of using natural hair product is that these products are mainly organic which means they aren't from chemicals but extract plants and animals. There was a time i opt in for a natural hair product like natural shampoo, hair cream and other product and i really like the product i used there because it has zero side effect on the hair and skin.
hair care product benefits

Benefits of Natural Hair Product to the skin and hair

Are Natural Hair Care Product Better than chemically made? In this post, we will be stating briefly some benefit of using natural hair care product rather than using shampoo.

There are some natural hair product in the market and i need to advice people to use it more than the use of chemically made product like shampoo. Natural hair product are very good, effective and can help solve various hair problems as well as other health benefit you gain.

Some of the other benefit of using natural hair product to the skin or the hair includes;

1. Gives Lasting Result: To prevent your hair from loss, to make your hair stronger, healthy and last long, all you need a natural hair product and not shampoo. Many shampoo contains chemicals cause hair loss, scalp and discomfort but when you use other product, like the natural products for hair, then you get the best out of it.

2. Nourishment:  One of the benefits of hair care product is that they are very rich in vitamins and minerals that helps the skin and make the hair healthy. If you want your hair to be nourished with natural nutrients like oil, fatty acid, vitamin E etc, you need natural hair product and not shampoo or other artificial hair relaxer in the market which claims to have nutrients but none is present.

3. Paraben Free: Paraben are contained in shampoo or other artificial hair care product which makes their expiry date last longer but it is not contained in natural hair product. This is one of the reasons you need to do away with shampoo and embrace natural hair products to stay healthy. 

4. Pains free: I have noticed some conditioners, shampoo, relaxers are not usually user friendly because they cause pains, irritation and itching at times but when you use the natural health care product, you won't experience such and you hair still remains healthy and fit.

5. Vitamins and minerals: Natural hair products especially from shampoo or hair cream are user friendly and they help in keeping the skin and hair healthy due to the activities of the vitamins and minerals they contain.

Since you care for your general health, you should also care for every other aspect of the health which includes your hair. Hair is the beauty of every woman and when you take care of it with the best natural hair product, it glows, it looks beautiful and nice. Thanks for reading.
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Jun 16, 2019

7 Foods That Can Cure Heart Diseases Quickly Without Side Effect

One of the best way to take care of our health is through the monitoring of what we eat. Good feeding habit means good health and everything also depends on how healthy the heart is.

When the heart is health, the whole body is healthy and when you for feed the heart with healthy food, the heart rate becomes normal and it free the body from cardiac related diseases such as hypertension, stroke, high blood pressure, cardiac arrest and many more.

Heart diseases which includes hypertension, stroke, high blood pressure, cardiac arrest, high blood pressure, heart/chest pain etc are very deadly and proper care must be taken to reduce them quickly and without drugs.

I notice that even as an individual who live with this heart diseases, you continue to take drugs without minding the fact some food can actually cure, reduce or suppress this disease with time. Such foods that can cure heart diseases fast without drugs are listed below as you read on. Some which includes;

1.   Eat Snail : Snail consumption is healthy and can be used to cure heart diseases fast without drugs. When my father was attacked by stroke due to high blood pressure, one of the food that was recommended then was snail and we got fast result with this. Snail contains no fat, cholesterol, oil but a natural substance that even helps in the normal functioning of the heart. So i recommend anybody with any disease of the heart should start eating snail.

2. Drunking Snail Water : Just as we describe above about snail being one of the recommended food that can cure heart disease, snail water is also a fast way to reduce heart disease because it contains active substance that cure blood pressure and operations of the heart.

cure heart disease without drugs

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        3. Skimmed Milk : At times, milk may not be recommended because it may contain sugar and animal fat but if you can afford to get an original skimmed milk then its very nice. Skimmed milk is a processed protein and continuous consumption of these can lead to cure of heart diseases.

        4. Dongoyaro Plant: Dongoyaro plant can be found in some part of Africa like Nigeria and its a multipurpose plant. Its leaves can be cooked, its bark can be soaked as herbs and can be dried/grind-ed into a powdered form. Its helps cure diseases relating to heart issues.

        5. Water Leaf : Water leaf is a plant as well as a vegetable that can be cooked as food. Water leave is delicious but the most important aspect is the medicinal value of reducing heart related diseases. You only need to include this leave in all the food you eat and you will see changes in the body.

        6. Sandpaper Leaf : Sandpaper leaf is a plant found in West Africa and its popularly called Ewe Epin in Nigeria. It is very effective for heart related diseases like hypertension, stroke, high blood pressure and many more. It can be cooked, boiled or can be soaked and scrubbed to extract the liquid in it for drinking.  

        7. Fiber foods: These are foods that are rich in carbohydrates, fiber, and good amount of water. Examples are cabbage, pawpaw, cucumber, wheat, oats, carrots, garden egg, millet et. They contains proteins, high amount of fiber which is good for digestion and more vitamins and minerals that help in regulating the heart and preventing the heart from diseases.

        This leaf is highly recommended and effective to curing heart diseases of any kind. Just look around your locality and find this leave, cook it and drink few cups per day. 

        You will need to consult your doctor if symptoms persist but these food items described above are very effective and can cure heart disease but its will take some time. Especially the sandpaper leaf which can also drop your blood pressure be consumed in moderation. Thanks for reading.
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        Jun 15, 2019

        How to Treat Cold and Catarrh without Drugs

        Its the cold season in my country and some other part of the world and I realized that there are some diseases that are associated to cold weather such as cold, cough, influenza, catarrh and many more.

        As you read on with this post, we will be discussing useful healthcare ideas or tips on ways to cure cold and catarrh without seeing the doctor or without taking drugs.

        Are there ways to Fight Cold and Catarrh without Drugs? I will like us to know that cold and catarrh are two different diseases but could come side by side especially when the body is exposed to cold or during excessive rainfall. But there are simple natural treatment that can be used where there is no doctor or without drugs.

        There are many ways to fight cold and catarrh without drugs since many people especially the youth and teens don't really like taking drugs for some health issues. There are many drugs that can cure catarrh and flu but as you read on, we will be explaining different ways to fight cold and flu without taking drugs. Some which includes;  

        1. Drink Tea: One of the ways you can fight cold and catarrh without taking drugs is ensure you drink hot tea during this period. The more you drink hot tea, the more the cold or flu reduces and with time, it goes off. Taking hot tea will help you warm the body system and when the body system is warm, the cold, catarrh or flu dies.

        2. Some Green Tea: Another way to fight cold and catarrh is to ensure you drink green tea. Green tea is also known as herb tea which is believed to be very effective for the treatments of cold and catarrh. You also need to drink this green tea when it is hot and with time, the catarrh with go.

        3. Some Vitamin Supplements
        : One of the ways to prevent yourself from cold or to cure the cold and catarrh you are currently experiencing is to take vitamins supplements. If you don't have access to fresh fruits which contains lot of vitamins like Vitamin C, D,E,K then you need to take the supplements. 

        Some of these supplements are sold at drugs store or at the pharmacy, it helps to repair worn-out tissues in the body and it replaces vitamins deficiencies in the body.
        how to fight cold and catarrh without drugs

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        4. Wear Thick Clothing: You can also fight cold and catarrh or prevent yourself from contacting this diseases is by wearing thick clothing. By the time you wear fabrics made of think materials, your body becomes very warm as well as your chest which seems to be congested becomes De-congested and you become very fine without the use of drugs.

        5. Natural Foods: Fresh foods contains vitamins and minerals that can helps fight cold and catarrh. If you eat fresh foods and not the frozen foods that contains little or no minerals and vitamins that will helps fight diseases. Fresh foods contains enzymes that helps to build a strong antibody that prevent diseases just like cold and catarrh.

        6. Fibers: Fibers foods aids digestion and increases the body rate of metabolism, this means if you eat more of these fibers fruits, you get healthy and it is very active against cold and catarrh treatments. 

        Examples of such fiber foods includes cabbage, watermelon, garden egg, cucumber etc. It does not only contain fibers but high amount of vitamins that prevent the body from flu and cold without drugs.

        7. Fruits: Fruits contains high amount of Vitamins that are very active for fighting one disease or the other like cold and catarrh. When you eat more of fruits like oranges, grapes, lemon, pineapple, apple, etc, you will soon observe that you don't contact cold and catarrh and if you have any, it leaves within the shortest period of time.

        These are ways to fight cold and catarrh without drugs. You really do not need drugs to cure cold and flu but i believe the explanation above gives a more insight on how you can treat that naturally. Thanks for reading.
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        Jun 14, 2019

        7 Common Signs of Addiction to Pain Killer Drugs Without Knowing

        According to health report, it was gathered that painkiller drugs bring relief on pains such as headache, body pains, chest pain, back pains etc but I know that anything that have so much advantages must also have disadvantages without people knowing these facts but its true.

        Painkiller drugs are good but these drugs are killing people gradually and many people don't know this especially those who are addicted to pain relief drugs. Some of the effect of addiction of people or the body to pain relief drugs is that it causes kidney or liver problems and you may not know it. 
        Signs you are addicted to painkiller drugs

        How do i know if am addicted to pain killer drugs? Like we use to say that every addiction is a bad thing and its more severe when people are addicted to drugs in the name of using pain killer prescription drugs.

        Do you remember that some years back a popular musician in the United State was said to have died of excessive consumption of pain killer drugs and the name of the musician is Michael Jackson. Getting addicted to pain killer drugs could cause severe health conditions like death or damages of the body cells or tissues.

        Some people just used prescription drugs anyhow and they claim they have headache, the got tired, they are feeling feverish, and the need pain killers to suppress the pain within the shortest period of time, they become addicted and they won't even know they are addicted to these drugs. 

        How do we then know if someone is getting addicted to pain kill drugs without knowing is the question am about to answer know.

        You can know if your getting addicted to pain reliever drugs through the following;

        1. Test Showing it: One of the ways to know if someone is becoming a pain killer addict or the signs to show pain killer addiction is when the test shows the presence of the drugs. You can confirm this by running a lab test on your body. I run a check on my health sometimes ago and the nurse asked me if am avoiding late night sleep for browsing i and ask why, she told me the test is showing it. 

        The same way a medical test can show that you are consuming too much of these pain reliever or pain killer drugs, this is a kind of addiction.

        2. If Exceed the Required Dose: You become addicted to pain killers if you notice that you use more than the required or more than the prescribed dose before the drug can work. Many times, excessive use of drugs may not have any have any impact in the body because the body will build a resistant to it which will make you use and that is addiction.

        People around you can confirm this or seeing your doctor regularly can make you realize that you are gradually becoming an addict to painkiller drugs.

        3. Searching for Drugs Frequently: Even if you are not weak or you don't have body pains but you still search the whole area to buy the drugs by all means. One of the signs of addiction is when you skip work in search of pain killer which is very bad. 

        Its a bit difficult to control this but careful examination of your body behavior or demands towards wanting more drugs shows you are getting addicted to these drugs but you don't know.

        4. Take Pills Daily: One of the signs of pain killer addiction without knowing is when you wake up early in the morning and the first thing you do is to take the pills. If you do this daily, then you are addicted to this drugs. It means you can't do without pain killer drugs and you are more like an addict.

        5. Ignoring Side Effect: You are already a chronic pain killer addict if you notice a side effect while using the drugs and you still continue to use it. You notice a drug is having an effect on your body system and you still ignore and continue to use these drugs, then you are addicted to it which needs to be checked or stopped.

        6. Seeking drugs on Long Distance: Anytime i notice that i search for long distance before getting something means am addicted to such. If you search for a particular pain killer and  you need to find it by going to long distance before you get such pills is an addiction.

        7. Ignoring other Drugs: One of the signs of pain killer addiction is when you are having problems using other drugs, when you argue in favor of that same pills is a sign that your body is already getting addicted to the drugs

        In Conclusion, it is a very terrible thing to get addicted to drug especially pain killer pills. It could cause death, it could also cause diseases like liver or kidney disease, and the body will build resistant to the drugs so that it longer reduce pains again in the body. If you notice you are getting addicted, please consult your doctor and find alternative ways to solving this. Thanks for reading.
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        Jun 13, 2019

        10 Reasons Why Some Nigerian Ladies Gain Weight After Marriage

        Reasons for pot belly in Nigerian Ladies after wedding

        This post was sent to us through one of our free healthcare and fitness ideas readers from Nigeria and the man was like, her lady seems to be very sexy and beautiful but immediately after their wedding and now that she in marriage, the lady is beginning to get fat with big pot belly. Then i also got to know through my research that most ladies in Nigeria tends to get big belly when they get married. Could this be evidence of good living? No.

        As you read on with this post, we will be looking at the causes of pot belly for Nigerian ladies and the possible solution to the problem. All will be discussed as you read on with this post. We need to know that pot belly isn't really healthy because it could lead to more complications like high blood pressure, excessive cholesterol, stroke, obesity, stroke etc

        Someone asked me that "what are the reasons why women women get fat with pot belly after marriage" and i believe this is a common problem among ladies that even average weight guys suddenly become pot bellied after some years in Marriage.

        I was at a party and many of my old friends in school were in attendance, i notice i could only recognize the ladies among the friends with little or no changes in stature but i couldn't recognize the ladies because many of them had gained so much weight and fat due to marriage.

        I know notice that many Nigerian ladies as well as their African counterpart add more weight after marriage. My sister was very slim before marriage and now, she has added so much weight due to marriage. I did my research and concluded that there reasons and factors that causes that. Some which are explained as you read on ;

        1. Child Bearing: In some people, giving birth also add more to their weight and get fat no matter how sexy and figure they look before childbirth. One of the reasons why so many Nigerian ladies get out of shape after marriage is due to child bearing. By the time they start giving birth to children, the body secretes hormones that causes weight gain and it stores fat in their body and many of these fat can be very difficult to lose especially she had a baby at hand that she gives milk

        2. Eating Too Much Starch: Many of these Nigerians ladies do not have a diet plan that helps them keep their shape instead they feed of excess starch foods. Some prefers to eat yam, eba, amala, bread, meat pie, snacks all which contains high calories and makes them gain weight.
        reasons why nigerian ladies have pot belly after marriage
        3. Due to Lack of Exercise: Many of Nigerian ladies gain weight after marriage because of lack of exercise. Many ladies after marriage will not want to walk either long or short distance, they will want to drive around using their husband cars or personal cars and many wouldn't want to run or do some cardio exercise to lose weight. These are some of the reasons some of them add weight beyond expectation.

        4. Late Marriage: One of the things that cause weight gain and makes these Nigerian ladies go out of shape is that many don't get married at early age between 18 to 24yrs and some will prefer to work and get married at late 30s and 40s. This will tell on the body and cause weight gain.

        5. Its Natural: Some people claim its natural in marriage which i don't believe in such. I still ask an aunt of mine and she told me that its natural but the woman or lady will be the one to do things to avoid such weight gain by eating dieting and exercise.

        6. Too Much Food: Many Nigerian ladies eat too much food like carbohydrate and fatty foods, fried foods, fried meat and many more. All these are things that some of these ladies do that makes them get out of shape through excess weight gain.

        7. Late Night Food: One of the reasons and factors that causes excess weight gain in women and which makes them lose their shape after marriage is that many of these women/ladies do eat at nights. Some prefers to weight for their husbands at late nights while some will come back late from work to eat, this usually cause slow digestion and in return, it causes weight gain.

        8. Stress: Marriage is supposed to be seen as a lovely thing but our Nigerian ladies or women don't know how to plan to make it work for them. Some will want to combine their house chores, with work, with family issues, with children rearing etc which makes them get stressed up and in return they gain weight and their shape get out hand.

        9. Birth Control Pills : One of the things that causes weight gain for some Nigerian ladies after marriage is frequent consumption of birth control pills. Many our ladies do not know that there's is a tendency for weight gain when they take family planning pills to control frequency of conception and childbirth. Although it may not be so for some people while it makes some gain weight and makes their shape get out of hand.

        10. High Calories Diet: Another factor that cause weight gain in women after marriage is excessive consumption of high calorie foods. High calorie foods are sugar, yam,bread,cassava, doughnuts, and snacks generally.

        These are reasons why some Nigerian ladies gain weight after marriage and lose their shapes. But all these can be control through dieting like eating more fiber foods, more fruits and exercising the body once in a while which i believe walking and playing with kids also does.
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        10 Reasons Why Most Nigerian Men Have Pot Belly After Marriage

        Reasons for pot belly in Nigerian men after wedding

        This post was sent to us through one of our free healthcare and fitness ideas readers from Nigeria and she was like, her Nigerian guy seems to be very handsome and fit but immediately after their wedding and now that she in marriage, the guy is beginning to get fat with big pot belly. Then i also got to know through my research that most men in Nigeria tends to get big belly when they get married. Could this be evidence of good living? No.

        As you read on with this post, we will be looking at the causes of pot belly for Nigerian men and the possible solution to the problem. All will be discussed as you read on with this post. We need to know that pot belly isn't really healthy because it could lead to more complications like high blood pressure, excessive cholesterol, stroke, obesity, stroke etc

        Someone asked me that "what are the reasons why most men have pot belly after marriage" and i believe this is a common problem among men that even average weight guys suddenly become pot bellied after some years in Marriage.

        reasons why nigherian men have pot belly after marriage
        When i see most Nigerian with pot belly, i see reasons that its not actually their fault because many eat poorly and they lack exercise. I also did my research and concluded that some of the reason for big tummy for men after marriage includes;

        1. Frequent Beer Intake: One of the reasons why some Nigerian men have big belly after marriage is due to the fact many of these men enjoy drinking beer and alcohol. Beer and alcohol are drugs and the end product of such is sugar which is converted to fat as glycogen. This causes weight gain around the tummy region and it causes pot belly which usually occur after marriage.

        2. Excess Carbohydrate Intake: Another factor that cause a pot belly in men either in marriage or after marriage is poor diet plan which results from excessive consumption of native carbohydrate foods which are high in calories. Examples includes yam, pounded yam, goat meat, eba, amala, bread,etc. All these makes fat to be stored around the stomach region and result to pot belly.

        3. No or Lack of Exercise: I noticed that most Nigerian men gain weight after marriage because of lack of exercise that they usually do before they got married. Nigerian Guys or men usually don't do exercise like walking,running, jogging, skipping, and other cardio but to drive round using their cars or bikes which will make them add more weight especially in the tummy.

        4. Its Natural: Its a belief in Nigeria that men will have a big tummy after being fed well by their wives during marriage and if a man was still maintaining his slim weight, people will believe hes not been well fed or hes broke. All these might are lies and they are not real. In order to avoid these, you need to do some dieting and exercise often. The truth is that it can never be natural in the sense that all still result due to bad feeding habit and lack of exercises.

        5. Too Much Food: Eating too much food won't slows down the the digestion rate and you get bigger and fatter with time. Many Nigerian men eat too much food like carbohydrate and fatty foods, fried foods, fried meat and many more which later results to pot belly for them. They fail to feed on fiber, fruits with some exercise to maintain their weight.

        6. Late Night Food:
        Eating your food late at night which is common to most Nigerian men slows down the the digestion rate and you get bigger and fatter with time. One of the reasons and factors that causes excess weight gain in the tummy for most Nigerian men is that they eat late at night due to work, hard work, traffic and many more. All these are not healthy because they store fat around the stomach that causes pot belly.

        8. Stress: Stress is another major factor that contribute to weight gain in people. It also makes weight loss difficult. When the body of a man is stressed up with so much hard-work and not time for good balance diet and exercise but work work and work, the body experience stress and add more weight.
        10. High Calories Diet: Another factor that cause pot belly for Nigerian men when married is the fact that they eat more high calorie foods. High calorie foods are sugar, yam,bread,cassava, doughnuts, eba and snacks generally.

        These are reasons why some Nigerian men gain weight after marriage and lose their six packs body shapes. Apart from losing shape, pot belly is too risky for any man because it leads to sickness like high blood pressure, hypertension, death, diabetes etc. Thanks for reading
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        Jun 12, 2019

        Why Herbal Medicines Are Better than Prescription Drugs

        This post updates was aimed at distinguishing between the effect of both herbal medicines and prescription drugs for our benefit. As you read on with this post, we will be looking at the reasons why herbal medicines are better than prescription medicines or if prescription drugs are better than herbal medicines vice versa.

        While I was younger, I noticed that I tend to prefer herbal remedies but after a while, I got to know that it doesn't really work for me or its just my ideology. But I also noticed that there are some ailment or diseases which natural medicines are very much effective like case of importance and herbal supplements.

        Is Herbal Medicine Better than Prescription Drugs? According to my findings, i noticed that both herbal medicine and prescription medicines are used to treat one ailment or other other but i see that some people prefers herbal medicine to prescription drugs.

        But for me, i still believe in prescription drugs because most of these drugs are specific in dosage and can be used to treat specific diseases but many people claim herbal drugs are better than the prescription drugs

        But based according to findings, herbal drugs are better than prescription medicines in the following ways?

        1. No quantity: Do you know that most herbal remedies requires no specification on dosage? People who prefers herbal medicine to prescription drugs claims that herbal medicine usually don't have a particular quantity of dose. 

        There are no specific amount of capsules, pill or tablet but you only drink a few because most herbal medicines are liquid. I really don't think any case of overdose is usually recorded on most herbal treatments.

        2. No Pills :  Although some herbal treatment are now advanced into a tablet form due to advance technology. One of the things people claim that makes herbal drugs more better than prescription drugs is that it herbal medicines are usually in liquid form. For people who don't like taking capsules or pills, i think herbal liquid medicine is their choice.

        Like herbal supplement, traditional medicines related to blindness, sexual related diseases, etc are mostly liquid medicines which makes it easier for people who don't like tablets or capsules get accommodated to liquid treatment.
        Are herbal Medicine Better than Prescription Medicines

        3. Little or No Prescription: One of the things that makes herbal medicines better than prescription medicines is that it has no prescription. Most herbal drugs are not recommended by the doctor, people see them on drug store or being marketed and they buy and use.

        It means there are no issues of overdose, take 2 tablets in the morning and night or every six hours like antibiotics drugs requires.

        4. Made of Natural plants: Even most prescription medicines are made from extract from plants and root. I think one of the most important point that makes herbal medicine the best compared to prescription medicines is the fact that herbal drugs are mainly from plant, plant extract or from seed/root. 

        And any drugs extract from plant are usually very effective because even the prescription drugs are extracted from plants too.

        5. Non- Allergies: Natural herbal medicines usually don't have allergies even when i was using one, it doesn't react in my body and i feel that is one of the reasons people prefer herbal medicines to prescription medicines. 

        This means it requires no complications unlike some prescription medicines will make people feel dizzy, nausea, slight headache, migraine, rashea and many more.

        6. More Companies: From my research, i see that there are many certified companies involved in the production of herbal drugs than prescription drugs which i still believe is one of the reasons people prefers herbal drugs to the other.

        7. More Fibers: I asked a friend of mine who is involved in production of herbal drugs and administration and he told me that herbal drugs are better because they contain high percentage of fiber which contains so much health benefit to the body such as weight loss, digestion, high rate of body metabolism and many more.

        8. More Vitamins: Not only fiber, herbal medicines also contains more vitamins that prescription drugs. Herbal is mainly from plant like vegetables which contains more vitamins required by the body for maintenance and developments.

        9. Mostly Inexpensive: If you compare the various price of prescription drugs and herbal drugs, you will notice that herbal medicines are cheaper and effective. For instance, you will notice that the cost of herbal drugs for diseases like hypertension, stroke, diabetes etc are very cheap and some plant cure some of these ailment naturally compared to the high cost prescription drugs. I believe this is a key factor we need to consider here comparing the too medicines.

        10. No Side Effect: Most herbal drugs usually don't have side effect and you don't get scared when you drink more than the required quantity but for prescription, it has side effect if you take the wrong dose or excess amount of dose.

        These are reasons why i feel herbal medicines are better than prescription drugs. The evaluation and facts are gotten from various doctors, pharmacist and nutritionist who contributed in one way of the other. 

        But if you like herbal drugs, you only need to ensure you are taking the original one and not fake drugs that was manufactured just anywhere without registration number. Thanks for reading.
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        Jun 10, 2019

        Can Smoking Cigarette Prevent Cold During Rainy Season?

        I welcome you to this our site where all we talked about is on healthcare and fitness and we also give out health tips and instructions on matters related to health. Now, we are in the rainy season in many part of the world now and I see that people around me are giving in on smoking of cigarette to keep off cold during the rainy period.

        I've noticed that cigarette smoking is the reigning thing now that it is raining but the fact about smoking is that the dangers are just too numerous to mention. And the fact which I've gathered over the years is that smoking do not prevent cold during rainfall or during rainy season instead you addicted and you may find it very difficult to quit.

        Just like a coach who is a tobacco addict but claim the cigarette smoking usually make him get warm which is not true. 

        Can Smoking  Cigarretes Prevent Cold During Rainy Season?

        If you think smoking will make you feel hot or keeps you warmer during the rainy season, i believe this is not true because it only keeps you warm only for few seconds when the cigarette is still in your hands.

        Instead, smoking will only worsen the case by exposing your lungs to cancer, lungs diseases and other diseases related to smoking.

        Smoking will never prevent cold during rain or if you think it will keep you warm, then its a big lie. Some of the things you can do instead of smoking are;

        1. Do Some Exercise: Instead of smoking cigarettes and thinking it can prevent cold or get you warm, you can do exercise like walking, running, jogging, skipping, dancing and many more. This exercise will keep you warm during the day than smoking which does nothing. 

        Instead of smoking, exercises will keep you healthy, fit and ensure blood are well circulated around your body which can boost your metabolism and increase your body digestion rate.

        2. Eat More Fruits: A man says that what is the best alternative to cigarette smoking and i said fruit is good. Eating fruits during the rainy season is far more healthy than smoking in the sense that the fruits will add more vitamins and minerals to your body which is good compared to smoking.

        can smoking prevent cold 

          3. Eat More Vitamins: You could decide to eat food items that are very rich in Vitamin-C, Vitamin E, Vitamin D, Vitamin A and others instead of smoking. All these you can get in fruits and vegetables but not in smoking which gives no advantages but disadvantages such as addiction.

          4. Drinking Hot Tea
          : Hot tea that contains milk provides more benefit to the body than smoking. If you think smoking will keep you warm, then the answer is no but hot tea can do that in addition to proteins it gives your body. Tea with milk contains calcium which is required for growth, bone formation and blood formation.

          5. Wear Cloths: Smoking of Cigarettes cannot prevent cold during the rainy season but thick cloths can do that. If you feel cold and it becoming more colder than you think, then its time you get yourself thick cloths, rain coats and many more.

          All these can keep you warm without side effects but smoking will never keep you warm and the side effect is much more greater than you think. So at this season of rain, avoid smoking and stay healthy. Thanks for reading.
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          Jun 9, 2019

          6 Common Habits That Can Cause Damage to The Liver Without Knowing It

          What are the common habits that could cause damage to the liver without knowing? Like I said in our previous post on habits that damage the kidney, I noticed that information is light and ignorance is a slow death. That is why we are using this medium to educate ourselves on various habits that can damage the liver and you may not knowing.

          If you have been to the hospitals lately or you have seen various support group on health issues, you will notice that health issues relating to liver damage or liver diseases is becoming common but many of these liver issues are caused by the people themselves because they don't know what they are doing or what they are consuming.

          The Liver is one of the most important organ in the body of humans, it helps to digest foods such as drugs and alcohol, it helps to digest fat and sugar and it also helps in the passage of waste materials to the kidney which is later sent for excretion.

          I was so surprise to see a young lady smoking and drinking alcoholic drink and the funniest thing is that she was very happy. This habit of drinking alcohol or addiction to drugs are things that can damage the liver and also it can affect the kidney as well which pose a serious health risk to an individual but many people don't know how serious the effect is to their body until they have liver diseases.

          Diseases of liver are very serious because it has something to do with life, death, excretion, digestion and many more. But there are some habit we need to do away with either as a man or woman prevent causing damage to the liver, some which includes;

          1. Extra Weight Gain: One of the habit that can cause damage to the liver without knowing it is weight gain. Weight gain is caused by so many factors like eating too much of junks, excess fat, lack of exercise, sugar and many more. The liver digest fat and when the body accumulate more fat that it can be digested, then it begins to store in the liver cells which later damage the liver which is a genesis of liver diseases in the body.

          2.  Frequent Smoking: Smoking is really a bad habit and the federal ministry has warned that smokers are liable to die young. When you smoke, it affects the lungs and in another way, it also affect the liver because some of the substances in cigarettes like nicotine all find their way into the stomach to form nicotine acid which is later stored in the liver, this cause a gradual breakdown of the liver.
          Habit that can Cause Liver Disease

          3. Excessive Drugs: Excess drugs intake is another practice that destroys or cause damage to the liver and I can tell you that many of these drugs user don't know about this. The liver is the only organ in the body that digest drugs and if you are the type that takes too much of drugs like pain killers, sedatives, laxatives etc, you are exposing your liver to becoming damaged. 

          In order to avoid getting your liver damaged, please you need to avoid taking too much of drugs or better still, consult your doctor before buying or taking any drugs.

          4. More Alcohol;  Alcohol such as rum, spirit, vodka, beer etc are drug and it is digested and store only in the liver. If you like drinking alcohol or you are the type that enjoys hanging around with friends that drinks too much of alcohol then, this is also a habit that can gradually destroys the liver. Just like a blender, by the time you put much pepper than it can grind, then the engine becomes hot and with time, it breakdown. 

          The liver also does the same when you overwhelm it with excessive intake of alcohol, it will slow down the process of removal of toxic substance or toxins in the body and gradually, it breakdown. If you like yourself and you want to prevent any kind of liver related diseases, then avoid taking too much of alcohol.

          5. Accumulated Stress; Someone told me that her friend was diagnose of liver related issues and she was scared because the girl does not take drugs and she does not smoke but i told that even without drugs and smoking, a fellow can still cause damage to his or her liver if she does not rest. 

          Stress is one of the things that cause liver damage or liver diseases and some of the things that cause stress are late night browsing, late night work, lack of sleep, lack of rest and many more. You must find time to rest because the body undergo various types of repairs during sleep or resting period. 

          6. Over exposure to Chemicals: If you are the type that get exposed to chemicals to get high or intoxicated, then that is a bad habit that can damage the liver gradually. Imagine someone who is addicted to inhaling methylated spirits, burning tyres, inhaling smokes and many more. 

          In Conclusion, these are some of the things that cause damage to the liver without knowing it and you only need to find a way of balancing things up and avoiding excess drugs intake, drinking too much alcohol, reducing stress and do more of exercise. All these will prevent your liver from getting destroyed and it makes it healthy. Thanks of reading.
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