Jul 16, 2019

5 Side Effect of Excess Salt in the Body

If you are searching for ideas on the side effect of consuming too much of salt especially on daily basis, i believed you are stumble upon the right site where you get health details of effect of diseases, cure and other health articles or related topics. As you read on with this post, we will be looking at salt and its effect in the body.

excess salt
What Are the Effect of Excess Salt in the Body? I recent stumble upon a post about the health benefit of salt and also the dangers of excess salt in the body but i notice that the disadvantages of salt is more than the benefit so, i feel we need to share the ideas among ourselves on this site.

There are many hazards that comes with too much salt in the body and that is the more reason why you need to reduce excess salt in your food. Salt contains sodium ions and i believe when sodium ion is much in the body of adult then such person is at risk of serious ailments that may lead to greater health issues in the body.

Reasons You Need to reduce Salts in Foods
: Some of the reasons to reduce or avoid excess salts in diet includes;

1. Sweating: One of the dangerous side effect of eating too much salt in food to the body is that causes sweating.Salts in contained in sweat and when you reduce the salt intake, you are also reducing the rate wt which you sweat too. But when you eat more salt, more salt are needed to be discharged out of the body as sweat which is unhealthy to the body.

2. Causes Heart Diseases: One of the effect of excess salt to the body is that it contains sodium ion and when you you eat this in excess, it disturbs the heart function and may lead to severe heart diseases like hypertension, cardiac arrest, high blood pressure and many more.

3.  Causes Stroke: A family member of mine had stroke sometimes ago but before the attack he will always complain of lack of salt in his food as he always want to add more salt to his food but when the effect of this salt came, he had stroke and couldn't move his left arm and leg but he survived it and now that my uncle no longer eat more salt but only a little. This is why i said too much salt is bad and may cause stroke.

4. Blood Pressure
: Just as i explain earlier that an Uncle of mine love salt and always want to add more salt to his diet, he had stroke and not only that, his blood pressure increases and was diagnose for high blood pressure which is an the genesis of other heart diseases. This is why you need to avoid eating too much salt just to avoid contacting the diseases.

5. Kidney: You also need to know that the kidney also helps in removing excess materials in the body such as mineral salt but when taking in excess, it becomes unbearable for the kidney to excrete and it may result in something more harmful like the kidney failure.

These are  the side effects of excess salt and why you need to reduce it. I notice many people till eat more salt, they still add more salt to their food but they don't know what they are playing with because excess salt in the body i harmful but a little is okay especially for older people. Thanks for reading.
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How to Maintain Weight Loss After Fasting Without Going to See a Doctor

If you are looking for information on how to maintain your weight after fasting, you have stumble-upon the right site because your will be getting free information on this as you read on with this post on fasting and weight loss, you may not need to see a doctor or pay for anything to get this done.

Weight Loss & Fasting: Fasting isn't easy but you can use the opportunity of the weight loss during that period to remain fit and continue your life with a good shape which you require be it a man or a woman, young or old. But the big question is that 'is it easy to maintain weight loss after fasting?

In the previous post, i explained different ways to lose weight during fasting and how possible it is for people to fast for weight loss. I titled this update as " fasting for weight loss, is it Possible? So, if you have misses this post, you can check the link to read about that update which talks about different ways to lose weight during fasting.

The fasting period is gradually moving towards completion and i can see that some of my friends are really losing weight but the question is that "how do people maintain the weight that is been lost during the fasting period without consulting a doctor. This was the question i was asked by a friend and i am using this post to provide answers to the questions.

There is no doubt that people who are engaging the ongoing 30 days fasting are losing weight but for people who are very careful and want to maintain that weight, these are following things you can do to maintain weight loss due to fasting. It includes;

1.  Exercise: One of the ways you can maintain the weight loss due to fasting without going to see a doctor is to ensure you do more exercise like walking, running, skipping, jogging, yoga, cycling etc. These exercise will prevent or burn off excess calories in the body and even if you are not losing more weight but you will surely not gain any and the weight is maintained through this means. Doing this multiple times per week will help in shedding excess fat from the body.

2. Eat Less: Another way that can help maintain the body weight after fasting period is to ensure you don't eat excessively but many people will even eat much more than what they consumed before the fasting starts and this will result to storage of too much calories in the body. Eating less means you need to avoid less of carbohydrate, oil, fats and many more. 
weight loss after fasting
3. Eat More Fruits: I believe during the fasting period, you break by eating fruits like oranges,watermelon, pineapple, apple, etc which means you need not to stop consuming these fruits if you want to maintain the existing weight. One of the ways to maintain weight loss after fasting is to eat more fruits just as you did during the fasting. Fruits contains different vitamins that helps the body in break down of food particles to increase digestion and metabolism.

4. Eat More of Fiber foods: This is similar with what i explain earlier in (3) because most fibers are fruits and the beautiful thing here is that fibers helps to increase digestion, it does not contain sugar which means it helps contain the sugar contents in the body and it increases the body metabolism.

5. Avoid Excessive Fatty Foods: If you have lost so much weight during the fasting period, you can maintain the weight that was lost by avoiding excess fatty foods. Fatty foods are high calorie food like animal fat which increases the body cholesterol and it causes weight gain.

6. Maintain Balance diet: Just after fasting and you really like to keep you weight especially ladies, you need to continue by eating good balance diet and not excessive consumption of carbohydrate or fats. Eating balance diet is the best way to stay healthy even after fasting. You may not need to see the doctor or pay any amount of money for this, you can actually do this yourself.

7. Avoid Excess sugar: Another way to maintain weight loss after fasting without going to see a doctor is to avoid the intake of too much sugar, too much sugary drinks or sugary foods. Drinking too much soft drinks which contains sugar can also cause weight gain and if you want to lose weight, avoid sugars in any form. Not that you won't eat sugar but in little quantity unless otherwise prescribed by the doctor to do so.

These are ways to maintain weight loss or reduced weight after completion of fasting. I believe after the 30 days fasting, people look slim and if you want to maintain such look then follow the tips explained above. Thanks for reading.
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Jul 15, 2019

Is Fasting For Weight Loss a Good One?

If you have stumbled upon this site on information relating to weight loss, you are on the right path because we provide useful information on how to lose weight without stress. 

But now, we will be looking at fasting and weight loss and I hope you will learn from this ideas. Fasting is good to some extent especially when done in moderation because it detox the body naturally where a lot of unwanted material leaves the body during the period of fasting.

Fasting works for detoxification and for weight loss, but the weight loss aspect doesn't last long. 

These are some of the reasons why fasting to lose weight is not a good one. But in many part of the world, health expert believes fasting is very good to the body unless if you've been warned by a doctor not to do so based on some medical conditions but someone ask me this question "can fasting work for weight loss"? 

Do you know that fasting can help you lose weight fast in 2weeks or within 7days but can you maintain it? Fasting is a way to avoid food or water for a few period based on religious reasons and later break the fast with fruits in the evening but when we talk about using fasting to reduce weight, it might be a different thing.

The moment you are fasting especially the ongoing 30 days fasting now, you will notice a considerable reduction in weight during this period due to lack of food but after the fast, you eat as much as possible and gain the weight back. 

fasting to lose weight

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During fasting you burn fat seriously because you eat more vitamins, you eat more fiber fruits, you eat less whereas all these are what helps to lose weight. 

Now the question is "is fasting for weight loss achievable"? i will say yes but only on the condition that you will still maintain the weight through more eating of fiber foods after the fasting period, through more eating of fruits, by eating less just as you are doing during the fasting period and most importantly exercising your body by walking, speed walking, running, jogging, skipping and many more. 

All these help to lose weight just after the fasting and with this, i say it is possible to fast for weight loss.

But on the other hand, the possibility fasting to lose weight may not be possible or achieved only if you go back to the old ways of eating too much after the fasting, eating fatty foods, eating less of vitamins, eating less of fibers, no exercise and drinking too much soft drinks. All these after the fast will return your weight back to the old ways of excessive weight gain.

It means fasting to lose weight is possible its just that it depends on you to continue to manage your weight through exercising and dieting and may also not be possible if you won't keep to the conditions i mentioned earlier but mind you that you will surely lose weight during fasting but how to maintain the weight loss depends on you. 

I believe i was able to give answer to the question above and also i gave suggestion on what can make fasting to lose weight a reality and also not becoming a reality, it depends on you to work on your body through exercising and dieting. Thanks for reading.
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Jul 11, 2019

How to Lose Weight for Women Over 50 or 60 Without Side Effect

One of my friends said that he would like the mom who is over 50yrs to lose weight, get slimmed down before her next birthday of becoming 55 or 60yrs. the point i note about this issue is that this guy already understand the meaning of weight loss and the various advantages that comes with it especially in eradication of life threatening diseases for older or matured people.

Just recently, we posted an update on ways and how women in their 20s can lose weight and if you miss this post, you can check below where you will see the link to that article but at this time, we are making something similar to that post but for the older women in their 50s or 60s but i will rather say for women over 50 and 60 without experiencing any side effect. 

What are the ways to Lose weight for Women Over 50 or 60 Without Side Effect

Weight loss for women oer 50
Women over the age 50 or at 60+ are grandmas and at this age many of them are retired from work, business and staying at home. But staying at home may lead to weight gain which is not healthy for women around this age at all and as you know that excessive weight gain for women around age 50 or 60 can cause very terrible health issues like high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, hypertension and cardiac arrest which means death. 

As a woman, if you are around this age 50 or 60 and above you need to follow the health ideas we will providing below but if you are still very young and you are reading this article, you can send the link to your grandma or parents so they can benefit from this. There are many women over 50 or 60yrs of age can lose weight and become healthy, some which includes;

1. Eat More Fiber: One of the best food in the world for everyone and especially for women over age 50 or 60 to lose weight without having to suffer any side efefct is fiber foods. No matter the health condition of any woman around this age, fiber food still remains the best. Examples of fiber foods are garden egg, cucumber, watermelon, apple, pineapple, oranges, Avocados, pear, cashew and many more. These fiber food will ensure food substances are digested as fast as possible in the body thereby making these women very healthy at that age.
2. Avoid Sugary Foods: I believe if not for any medical condition, women over the age of 50 or 60 should reduce their intake of sugar because excess sugar may cause diabetes. Instead you can drink more water and eat more fruits. Women at this age needs to be healthy by avoiding sugary drinks like sugar,excessive intake soft drinks and many more.

3. Eat Lean Meat: Women around this age also need to avoid eating too much meat that are high in cholesterol but lean meat. Lean meat is just recommended because it contains no excess fat and cholesterol in it.So when older people around age 50 or 60 eat lean meat, its helps to lose excess fat and lose weight.

4. Eat Skimmed Milk; Some milk contains animal fat which may increase the cholesterol level in the body but for women at this old age to be healthy, they need to eat more of skimmed milk. I believe skimmed milk can be gotten in the store and its highly recommended you buy and eat this.

5. Eat Less: Another weight loss tips for women over 50 or at the age of 60 without side effect is to eat less of certain foods like carbohydrates, fat, oil, proteins but to eat more of Vitamins and Minerals. It helps to get rid of excess amount of fat in the body even at that old age.

6. Eat More Fruits: Anywhere in the world, fruits still remains the best food items for people of all ages. Fruits contains Vitamins that helps to repair the body tissues, enhance the body system and make some organs in the body work perfectly. So, it is important for women over 50 to 60 years of age to cultivate the habit of making fruits their best food due to the numerous advantages it possess.

7. More Exercise: One of the best way to stay healthy and also the best weight loss ideas for women over the age of 50 or at 60 is to be engaged in different exercise as possible. At that age, these women need to exercise their body through walking, slight jogging, slight running, yoga, cycling etc.

8. Be Happy: No matter what, the best way for women over 50 or 60 to lose weight is to be happy. There are many ways one can be happy and i believe you can find different ways like playing with kids, grandchildren, watching comedy films, hanging out with friends and many more. 

In Conclusion;
As discussed in the article body above, these are what you need to lose weight as a woman over the age of 50 or 60 without side effect which includes getting more exercises, being in happy mood, eating more fruits, avoiding junks, eating more fibre foods, drinking more water, avoiding sugary food, skimmed milk, less cholesterol and many more. Doing these things keeps you healthy, increases your life span and prevents diseases but when the body accumulates so much fat at this age might be too dangerous to the health. Thanks for reading.
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Jul 10, 2019

Home Remedies for Constipation Without Seeing a Doctor

Do we really need to see a doctor to treat cases of constipation? Like we've discussed in some of our previous health tips, it is possible to treat constipation issues at home without seeing a doctor using simple home treatments that works fine and fast. But as you read on with this post, you will discover various home remedies for constipation which works fast.

Constipation can be very terrible and risky to the health if an urgent solution is not administered immediately. Constipation is a condition whereby an individual experience trouble in emptying the bowels and in a simple language, i will describe this as a difficult way to pass out stool or gas out of the body.

What causes Constipation? Constipation is caused by lack of water in the digestive system, lack of water in stool and very slow digestive process. Constipation may be life threatening  but as you read on with this post, we will be providing various solutions and home remedies of constipation.

The phrase "Home Remedies" means home treatments, local treatments, free treatment or do-it-yourself treatments of a particular ailment but this time, am writing on home remedies to cure or prevents constipation. You don't need to wait till it the condition get worse before finding remedies to it but with the tips below, am sure you will learn few things which will help change a situation.

The Home Remedies for Constipation without drugs or seeing a doctor includes; 

1. Drink Plenty of Water: You can still treat constipation at home without seeing a doctor by drinking more water. Constipation is caused by lack of water in the body system as well as in the digestive systems. If for one reasons or the other you are not drinking enough water or someone around you told you to drink less of water that it can make you fat then that is a big lie, if you continue with this, you may experience constipation. 

The digestive systems requires water for its operation and if you aren't providing such, then you stand a chance of not only having constipation but also some kidney or liver diseases awaits. In order to avoid such terrible sickness, drink more water and over 5 glass cups of water per day is recommended for the body.

constipation home treatments
2. Eat Fiber Foods: Another home treatments or remedies for constipation without going to see a doctor is to imbibe the habit of eating more fiber foods daily. The function of fiber foods is to aids digestion and if you are not really eating some of these fiber foods then it may be too dangerous. Examples of fiber foods includes cucumber, garden egg, watermelon, pawpaw, apple, maize, wheat and many more.

3. Eat Fruits and Vegetables: To cure constipation at home or to prevent it from happening without drugs, you need to eat more fruits and vegetables. I noticed that each time i eat any food rich in vegetables, the rate at which i visit the toilet is usually high and digestion rate is always on the increase. It means when you eat more fruits and vegetable, constipation will be very far from your body and digestion process will become smooth,

4. Take Vitamins Supplements: Just in case you don't have access to fresh fruits and vegetables because the contain lot and lot of vitamins, you can make do with Vitamins supplements which i believe can be found in stores. Taking these supplements also cures constipation and at the same time, its the best prevention ever.

5. Increase Digestion Process : One of the ways to cure constipation at home without seeing a doctor is to do anything that can increase your body digestion rate. Digestion can be improved by exercising the body, eating vitamins, eating fiber foods, avoiding fatty foods and many more.

6. Exercise the Body: If you experience difficulty in passing out stool or gas from your body and its really causing lot of discomfort, then you need to do some exercise at home such which includes walking, speed walking, running, jogging, skipping, cycling and many more. If you do any of exercise, then you will experience immediate digestion and willingness to pass out waste from the body.

7. Eat Less of Fatty Foods: One of the home treatments, cure or prevention i notice from people when it concern constipation is to try as much as possible to eat less of fatty foods. Slow digestion rate results into constipation and one of the things that can cause slow digestion or indigestion is the presence of excess fats in food. It takes time to digest and may also result to more complicating issues like high cholesterol.

8. Eat less and Avoid Late Night Food : One of the main causes of constipation is indigestion which may result from late night food, eating too much than the body can digest and all these you need to avoid. After taking supper at night, you need to eat the food early enough to digest it before going to bed and you really do not need to overfeed yourself, this is one of the major causes of constipation and the home remedy for this is to eat early and as they say, prevention is better than cure.

In summary, Constipation leads to discomfort and at times may be life threatening. Just like i said earlier that prevention is better than cure and you will notice that the home remedies as the title indicate contains both home treatments and prevention as well. This is the best way to stay healthy. Thanks for reading.
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Jul 9, 2019

6 Americans Weight Loss Success Stories to Learn From

What can we learn from various weight loss success stories we hear around? I decided to put some facts together so as to clear the hear and some doubt on people who believed that having to lose weight is very hard or cannot be achievable whereas everything is possible only with time.

As you read on with this post, we will be learning from various stories involving people and a collection of different weight loss success stories from different people across the continent. I took my phone, writing materials and camera to interview so many people on what works best for them in terms of weight loss as an American.

I will be posting the videos of this post in few hours. Many people have different success stories and as you read on with this post, i will be explaining each based on the number of people that voted for and the reasons for choosing each points. The points includes;

1. Success Through Exercise: According to stats, votes and the people i spoke with weight which i knew were big and now with a reduced weight is Exercise. Many people who have experienced weight reduction in one way or the other still claims exercise rocks big time. The best way to lose weight without dieting is through exercise. 

Weight Loss Stories in America
Recommended exercise that worked for so many people includes speed walking, running, jogging, cycling, skipping and other cardio exercise. One of the weight loss success tips i got this morning from a friend is that she started early morning jogging and she's been experiencing tremendous loss in weight lately. Personal, my own success stories is the fact that i eat more fiber foods and i also do speed walking, this has been helping me to keep fit and reduced in weight.

2. Fiber Foods: One of the things that also ensure a good weight loss without stress according to our survey as Americans or African Americans is the consumption of fiber foods. By the time you eat more of fiber foods like cucumber, maize, garden egg, watermelon, oranges etc, you have a high digestion rate and high metabolic rate which helps to lose weight. Not only that, fiber foods also contains minerals that helps the body function properly and vitamins that repair tissues in the body.

3. Fatty Foods: Another weight loss success stories i received from my American people is that when they eat less of fatty foods their weight is maintain but when they do exercise along with the fatty foods they avoid, then they get good result in terms of weight loss. This means that based on the experience of others, you need to avoid fatty foods to maintain your weight but if you really want to shed excess weight, then avoid these foods and do some exercises, it works.

4. More Fruits: A woman told me that her weight loss success stories lies on the fact that she is based on dieting with fruits. Fruits contains high percentage of fiber in it and contains vitamins that helps to digest food at a faster rate and weight loss is achieved.

5. Sugar: Many people do not know that drinking too much sugary drinks or adding more sugar to tea or food also adds weight to the body. Sugar is converted to glycogen when in excess and glycogen is a fatty materials. So, to achieve the best weight loss result, reduce your intake of sugar, sugary drinks, sweet things and many more.

6. Plank Exercises: This is one of the mostly recommended exercises with lot of testimonies from people. Plank exercises is very good for tummy reduction and general trimming of the whole body. It doesn't take too much time like one minutes daily is cool. Many Americans talked about plank exercises as one of the fastest ways to shed excess fat around the tummy or upper body area.

In Conclusion, the most effective success stories i heard from people who are into various different weight loss programs and what has been working for people is the fact that an individual must be dedicated towards exercise, avoiding fatty foods, avoiding excess sugar, plank exercises, other sports and eating more of fiber foods. You can also try this six points and see how fast you get you weight reduced. Thanks for coming.
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10 Things to do as Old Age Approaches to Prevent Sickness

If you thinking on what to do as old age arrives especially in the area of preventing yourself from sickness pertaining old age, you have stumble upon the right site where we will be discussing various health issues regarding health and fitness as well as information on diseases.
old age care
Just like my aunt, he never realizes she is getting old and older daily and she still continues to stress herself up and she eat poorly until one day that she fell sick. This can happen to anyone and that is why everyone need to prepare for old age and how this is done is just simple and that is what you are read now.

As you celebrate your birthday yearly, you are not getting any younger and i believe by the time you clock age 40, you are already becoming old and you need to adjust immediately as You don't need till you get to age 50 before you start preparing for old age. Some of the things you need to adjust to as you get older includes;

1. Just Excess Reduce Salt: As you get older at age 40, 50 and 60, you need to start reducing your salt intake so as to reduce your risk of getting salt related questions. Common Salt contains sodium which is really not good for the aged ones as it may cause heart diseases like high blood pressure and hypertension when in excess.

2. Reduce Excess Sugar: Not only salt you need to reduce between the age of 40 to 60, you also need to reduce your sugar intake so as to reduce age related illness. Excess sugar can cause diabetes and may also cause weight gain which i believe is bad for old people.

3. Avoid Sugary Foods/Drinks: As you get older, you need to do away with sugary drinks,alcohol, beer etc because the body system might be getting weak and when the insulin is over worked at that age, you may become diabetic when excess sugar is in your body.

4. Just Eat Less: As you grow older, you need to eat less and not only that, you need to eat less of carbohydrate, oil and fat and everything generally. Don't over feed yourself at that age just eat the required amount of food that your body can digest.

5. Eat more Vitamins
; Instead, you eat more vitamins vitamins are very important to the body. You can get vitamins in fruits and vegetables. You as grow older, you need to eat more fruits like watermelon, oranges, apple, carrot, garden egg, pineapple, pawpaw etc they all contain vitamins that can help the body a lot

6. Eat less Carbohydrates; As the old age approaches, you need to eat less of carbohydrates because the body is not younger anymore and it will help you to reduce diseases. So too much of yam, coco-yam, bread, cakes, should be avoid but eat the required amount you need.

7. Avoid Fried Foods: You should also try to reduce your consumption of fried food but eat them fresh. Fried food is not healthy for the body as old age approaches but fresh foods are better and healthy.

8. Exercise: One of the best thing to do when you are getting older is to try as much as possible to exercise your body. The best way to do that is to try exercises like walking, jogging, running around the compound and many more. It is very healthy to the body as you grow older.

9. Be Happy: As old age approaches, you need to ensure you keep yourself happy. Happiness ensures good health but when you are sad, unhappy then you are doing the body more harm than good.

10. Sleep Well: As this time of your life, you need to ensure you sleep well without any disturbance. Sleeping well relaxes the body cells, muscles and brain.

In Conclusion

These are things you need to do, things you need to do as you get older to prevent sickness. Just sleep well, make yourself happy, do some exercises, avoid fried foods, eat less, eat less of junks or avoid it, eat more vitamins, reduce excess salt, reduce excess sugar etc. All these things are the healthy tips and ideas you need as you celebrate your next birthday and most importantly the golden jubilee at age 50. Thanks for reading.
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Jul 8, 2019

8 Foods That Can Cure Diabetes Naturally at Home Without Medication

Is it possible to cure or reduce diabetes naturally at home without medications? This questions on diabetes was received not long ago and we have decided to make the response public in a post form which you are reading now. So, as you read on with this post, we will be discussing ideas on foods that can actually be used to cure diabetes but not as immediate as possible only with time.

In some of our previous health discussions, we have learn that it not every time one will go see a doctor whereas there are few things you can do to correct abnormalities in case of diseases or illness. Our health depends on what we eat, what we drink and how well we take care of our body.

We are not talking about using drugs or medications now but foods, veggies and simple herbs we found around us can actually help cure some illness or diseases without going to the hospital. It is called a natural approach to diseases cure without medications which diabetes is not an exemption.

If you have a friend, a colleague or family member that is diabetic, then this health article is good for you because I will sharing some ideas and food items that can help cure and prevent diabetes in people which means that such patient or person may not only use prescription drugs that cure diabetes but some food can also help as well.

Diabetes occurs when there is a problem or where there is interference in the operation of the insulin contents in the body. The body insulin is an organ that helps in breakdown and digestion of sugar in the body but when the body isn’t producing enough insulin then such person become diabetic. 

Symptoms of diabetes either diabetes type I or Type II in people include frequent urination, weakness, loss of weight, sugary urine, dizziness and blurred vision that is, the Iris experience some discomfort.  So, if you are diabetic or you have this high sugar contents in your blood (diabetes) either Diabetes type 1 or 11 , you need food items like;

1.  Eat Fiber Foods: One of the ways to treat or reduce diabetes naturally at home without medications is to eat more fibre foods. Fiber foods such as cucumber, garden egg, cabbage, Avocados, etc are foods that can cure diabetes. If you consult a doctor or a dietician on this, they will tell you that eating fiber foods are the best way to prevent and cure diabetes. Fiber foods do not contain sugar but only water and fibers; this makes it suitable as the best food items to cure diabetes.

2. Water:  The best food item in the world that can prevent or cure diabetes naturally from home without the use of drugs in people is to drink more water. Water is a universal solvent that aids digestion and it is very essential to the body for metabolism and digestion. Rather than drinking beer or alcohol which contains more sugar, I will recommend you drink water only and with time, the body insulin are correct and secreted at normal rate.

3.  Snail & Fish:  People with diabetes are free to eat snail and fish especially the dry fish. Snail and fish do not contain fat, sugar, oil and with time, these foods can be used to cure diabetes. They may not cook these foods with salt but served fresh. I notice a friend of mine was diagnosed of diabetes but as soon as we met a dietician who gave us a list of food that can be eaten by diabetic patient, I notice emphasizes were made on snail and fish and with time, the sugar level were corrected. 

7 Foods That Can Cure Diabetes
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4.  Taking Protein Foods: Protein foods like milk, soya beans, beans, cheese, wheat, all helps the body by repairing worn – out tissues and building the body as well. These foods do not contain sugar and fat but are recommended for people with diabetes 1 or 11 but cooked without salt and oil. Taking more protein rich foods will also help in development of organs and can also reduce excess sugar in the body without medications or drugs.

5. Recommended Unripe Fruits: Another food items that helps to cure diabetes from home without medications as well as preventing this sugar related disease is to eat unripe fruits. Unripe fruits of Pineapple, grape, oranges, pawpaw, plantain, banana etc are food that not only prevent diabetes but can cure it. If you remember that most herbal mixtures or medicines for diabetic people usually contains unripe fruits since most of these victims can’t eat fruits that are sweet but unripe one are better when it comes to curing diabetes.

6. Moringa Seeds: Moringa is the only plants I have know which gives energy without sugar. That is why people call Moringa seed or leave a wonder plant.  People who have used this plant do testify that Moringa seeds or leaf when consumed helps to cure diabetes naturally without use of medications.

7. Bitter Leaf; Bitter leaf soup in my own country is very delicious and one important thing you need to know about this vegetable is that it can cure diabetes. There was a time I was at the hospital and a patient was diagnosed of low sugar because this man has been eating vegetable leaf, juice, soup, plant etc  because this was consumed in excess, it then reduced the patient’s blood sugar from being normal to abnormal. So, you now see that this food or plant can cure diabetes when taking in the right proportion.

8. Water:  Water is a universal solvent which is required by body in large amount. instead of drinking juice or sugary, water is a better alternative for the treatment of diabetes.

The listed food items are very good and effective for people living with diabetes. Not only that, these foods also helped to cure diabetes of any type.  If you need cure for your diabetes, eat foods like snail, fish, proteins, grains, Bitter leaf, Moringa, water and fiber foods. Thanks for reading.
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Jul 5, 2019

5 Common Causes of Grey Hair and Their Natural Treatments

Are you one of those who observed that you are growing grey hair without being old and you wonder what could have happened to make you have such hair, you have stumble-upon the right post which clears the air on basic health issues including hair, hair problems and their natural treatments that helps.

The fact that you have gray hair doesn't mean something is wrong simply because some people have it naturally from birth and they are not old as you think. 

What Are the common Causes of Grey Hair? Someone asked me a question on what causes grey hair and solutions to the this. I was quick to look at my hair and i also noticed i was having few scattered gray hair, this make me consult the doctor to know what causes gray hair and also the remedies.

At times, Gray hair does not mean you are getting old it only happens when the pigments that gives the black colour of our hair stops producing it black color and give a grey appearance. It can happen in teens, children, youth as well as the adult but its more common among the older people.

Some of the common causes of grey hair and and the natural treatments includes;

1. Hereditary factor; On of the important factor that result to having gray hair at young or matured age is the fact it might be due to hereditary. The grey appearance experience in people may be hereditary. This means if the parent of a child have these grey hair naturally especially in their youthful age, there is tendency the individual will have a grey hair. People may think the person is old but its not so, its only an inherited factor that cause that.

2. Aging Fast: Another thing that makes people have grey hair is the fact that they are aging and they are not getting any younger. Not everybody will experience this but some people do. As you get older, you experience grey hair because the pigment producing the black color get weaker and weaker thereby resulting to gray hair.

3. Some Medical Condition: When an uncle of mine had stroke just for few weeks, he recovered but when i say him,he already grown grey all over his beards and hair. So, serious health problems like stroke, heart attack, accidents, disability and general body inactivity. Prolong medical condition which makes people stay longer in the hospital also cause grey hair in people.
causes of grey hair
4. Thinking Too Much: Thinking is also one of the fastest thing that causes grey hair in people. Worry can be a big issue if you are fond of it. It makes people look old suddenly and grey hair begins to come out all over the person. Worry over issues cause severe causes like hypertension, high blood pressure, heart problems etc.

5. Sudden Trauma : One of the things that cause gray hair in people in trauma. Trauma can be challenging at times because its happen so sudden even the person it happens to may not even know it will. For instance, death of a husband, death of wife, death of children, diseases, HIV, stroke and many things like death can make you grow out grey hair. 

Grey hair is not a disease, it does not harm the body in any way but cause a change in the look of an individual and people may think the person is old. The natural remedies for this grey hair is just that people take honey instead of sugar, eat more vitamins, eat more fruits and exercise their body often. Thanks for reading.
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Jul 4, 2019

The Common Side Effect of Sleeping Pills to The Body of Both Young or Old

I have decided to write on the danger side effects of having to sleep with sleeping tablets since many people believed that using a sleeping is good to get a good sound sleep but not really a good idea either you are a young fellow or older.

What are the Common Danger of Using Sleeping Pills in older or younger people?  I have noticed that many  young or older people cannot sleep naturally without taking sleeping pills but i see that many of those taking the sleeping pills really do not know the side effect of these pills on their health.

Some people will claim that the doctor recommend the sleeping pills for them to have a sound sleep while others just take these pills due to trauma, bad news or stress. As you read on with this post, we will be describing the dangers or side effect of sleeping people so as to learn, adjust and stay healthy.

Some of the dangers or let me call this "side effect of sleeping pills" like Valium and Librium includes;

1. Addiction: One of the dangers of sleeping pills we need to consider either in young or mature persons is addiction. Every addiction is a bad thing but when it comes to pills or drugs, then its can be very terrible. If you re fond of sleeping with a pill, then you stand a chance of getting addicted to these pills which means you won't be able to sleep naturally without taking these pills. Addiction to sleeping pills is unhealthy to the body, it could cause kidney diseases or sometime slow death.

dangers of sleeping pills to the body
2. Drowsiness: There is something i learn t about addiction to sleeping pills recently, is that it causes drowsiness but if you sleep naturally by yourself, you wake up getting stronger, healthy, lighter and happier but when you use pills to sleep, you get tired after waking up and you will always want more sleep. I believe this will affect your performance at work, office, in business and many more. This kind of habit of sleeping with pills should stop or else, you experience drowsiness.

3. Sleeplessness: In (2) above, medications like sleeping pills are really bad and do not only cause drowsiness but sleeplessness. Some people's body do not succumb to these pills and yet they won't sleep instead they develop insomnia. And in other people, sleeping pills will get used to the body to the extent that the body won't sleep without a sleeping pill and may result to health implications like Insomnia.

4. Headache
: Headache is also one of the side effect of using sleeping pills either you are young or old. If you hand slept naturally, you body won't experience any set back or headache but when you are fond of using sleeping pills, the danger of these is Headache with great pains.

5. Stomach Pains: My sister also said that each time she uses sleeping pills to sleep, she will wake up having stomach pains and i believe one other friend of mine also complained about that. I see that stomach pains is also a side effect of sleeping pills but not for everybody.

6. Difficult Balancing: Another side effect i mentioned here is difficult in balancing which i believe is brought about due to drowsiness as a result of the pills taking before sleep or for sleeping. People who are used to these pills or sleep drugs usually have problem of balancing which is brought about by weakness in the body.

7. Insomnia: Insomnia is a disease caused by lack of sleep. Inability to sleep is often as a result of sleeping pills and when the insomnia is really on the bad side, it could result to mental disorders or serious medical attention.

8. Body Shaking: I learn that sleeping pills also make people to shake which i confirmed through a friend who uses these drugs regularly but i just have to ask him to discontinue the use of these drugs.

In Conclusion, the side effect explained above makes the body to be unhealthy and one of the ways to get rid of such dangers from happening to you is to avoid using these drugs to sleep. There are more natural ways that can help you sleep without sleeping pills. Thanks for reading.
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