May 24, 2019

When Can I Test for My Blood Sugar Level as an Adult?

When to Test for Sugar Level as an Adult? I noticed that the rate at which people have sugar related issues these days seems to be on the alarming and we need to educate ourselves on early detection of sugar in the body and the only way you can do that is no other way than to always test for your sugar level regularly just to be aware of any unforeseen circumstance like sugar diseases. 

For now, early detection is the major breakthrough for sugar related cases or diseases but people where like "when do i go for a blood sugar test"?

I am writing this post on "when to go test on blood sugar level" due to what i saw recently when a friend asked me that what is the appropriate time to start testing the blood sugar even if you are not diabetic but as an adult.

Testing for blood sugar as an adult is one of the best way to take care of your health and to really know active state of your body insulin level and how fast it can digest sugar. For people who are diabetic, its is recommended they check their blood glucose level like 3 times per day because most people eat 3 times per day in which few things could have change in the blood sugar level.

But for adult generally, you can start to test for your sugar level when;

1. When You are Sick or During illness: Do you know that Diabetes has killed many people because they do not put their health in consideration as well as their body sugar level. Just like any other sickness, diabetes do have a common symptoms but you need to test for to be sure if you have excess sugar in your blood. If you are sick, or you notice you are under stress, or you experience slight headache then as an adult, you should test find time to test your body sugar level.

2. Using One's Instinct: Let me give you an illustration, a man asked me that "when should he start testing himself for excess sugar which may cause diabetes at the long run, i also asked him why he wants to know and he said, his instinct asked him, Many people are like that that when their though goes towards a particular observation, they try to obey such mind set.

3. As you grow older: As you grow older from your 30s to 40s, 50s and down to the 60s, it is recommended you start to do a general health check up including sugar test. As the body grow older, some organs in the body also drops in functionality and that is the more reasons you need to check your too.

When to test the blood sugar level in adult

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4. Few Hours After Meals: For diabetic people or people showing symptoms of diabetes, you need to test for sugar after meal. As an adult, you need to check your blood sugar level once in a while after meal especially after drinking too much of sugary drinks or sugar. Some aged people do test for their blood glucose level after eating much carbohydrate which later breaks down to smaller sugar contents;

5. When Frequent Urination: Another condition of time to start testing for your blood sugar level is if you begin to experience frequent urination. I observe a friend's mum in which she urinates more than 10times per night before day break and i got worried of the situation. After a while i hear her blood pressure is high and she had diabetes. This means that if she had gone for blood sugar test at the earlier stage of the urination, then she would have corrected that before becoming a full blown diabetes.

6. During Weight Gain: Another time you need to start testing your blood glucose level is when you notice you are gaining weight and its not reducing especially fat around the stomach level. A times, weight gain occurs as a result of excessive consumption of sugar or surgery drink which affect the body insulin later in life.

7. After Sugary Drink: As an adult, you can start testing for your blood sugar level if your urine is sugary and how will you know that, you will know that if your urine get surrounded by sugar ants, this means you are becoming diabetic due to high level of sugar in your body.

8. During Weakness: If you are an adult either a man or woman around the 40s and 60s and you notice you get weak often or during physical activities, you need to visit the doctor and explain to him if he will ask you to go test your blood for sugar.

In Conclusion,
If you an adult, you should start to test your blood sugar level if you are experiencing some of the symptoms explained above such as during weakness, after taking sugary drink, during weight gain, after meal, during frequent urination, when you see signs of sickness and many times, as you grow older. These are the symptoms experienced by people in the early time of diabetes which can be averted due to drugs or medications.
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May 22, 2019

5 Health Benefits of Early Morning Jogging to the Body

What are the health benefits of early morning jogging, In our previous post, we talked about the various health benefits of early morning run to the body either you a man or woman, young or old. When I see people engaged in workout in the morning, I got confused that "must it be in the morning" 

But as you read on with this post, you will learn and know the various advantages of jogging in the morning.

Exercises or Exercising the body is one of the best way to build the body, is also referred to as the best way to keep the body healthy and free of diseases especially if you do the exercise in the morning either daily or few times per week.

Exercise like jogging keeps the body in shape, helps to lose weight and have been described as the best fitness you can get from anywhere in the world.

Jogging for weight loss

Someone asked me a question and said "what are the importance, health benefit or advantages of early morning jogging to the body? ' And i am using this post as a feed back to answer the questions by explaining the benefit so that my readers can also learn from it. So, as you read on, we will be explaining few benefit of early morning jog or jogging, Some of the health benefit of Jogging in the morning includes;

1. More Active Body System: When you make it as an habit to jog early in the morning, you will start experiencing very good body metabolism, warmness and active body Active state for the body that can be achieved through early morning exercise like jogging and among the benefit your body get are fast mental alertness, fast hormones alertness like adrenaline, Vitamin boost e.g Vitamin D, good reflex and many more. Early morning jog helps keeps the body healthy through all these means and it ensure your body possess a good health.

2.  You Get Weight LossAnother advantages or health benefits you get when you jog early in the morning is weight loss. Early morning jog or jogging is very active for burning of excess fat in the stomach because you don't have any food in your tummy at that time.

Early morning jog increases the body rate or metabolism, it aid digestion and it helps to burn fat excessively. You will lose weight drastically if you start to jog early in the morning either on weekends or daily. If you ask people who had their weight reduced through exercise then many of them will tell you that the best way to get result in terms of weight loss is to do some jogging in the morning.

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3. You get Disciplined: Jogging in the early hours or before starting your day will help you in terms of discipline because by the time you jog through few meters or kilometers, the body achieve good fitness, good health, weight loss, high rate of metabolism while you still keep up with your normal daily routine of work, business and other things

If you continue to do jogging in the early morning and you make it a plan then, its a good way of discipline which you have choosing. It will not only make you lose weight but will make you fit, have stamina and your body will posses the best body balance in the sense that you won't get tired easily or you won't fall so easily.

4.  Sound Sleep: If you are among people who don't sleep easily or people who usually have a bad sleeping style, then the best solution to this is to be engaged in early morning jog. You only need to wake up early morning probably daily, few times per week or during weekend and jog some distance around your area or right there at home, your body will experience some changes when you get back to sleep. 

I notice i fall asleep easily anytime i jog in the early morning. Jogging helps to relax the body muscles, it relax the nerve cells and not only that it helps to correct the general body health. You don't need to start buying sleeping pills to sleep, you only need to make yourself fit by jogging.

5. Digestion:  One of the health benefit or advantages you get when you jog in the morning is high rate of digestion. Someone said to me that he usually have constipation and i said when you don't exercise the body regularly, you will continue to experience constipation on a regular basis. 

The only thing you need to do to fasten your body digestion rate is to jog in the early morning. High rate of digestion removes excess fat in the body, it helps to remove toxins and excess salt in the body which will make you healthy and free of diseases.

In Conclusion, the advantages or health benefits that come along with jogging as described above are things you also need to derive from. Jogging is one of the best exercise for men, women, teens, children etc and when you do it in the early morning, you get weight reduced, your body metabolism increases, it makes you more discipline to your health and it makes you have a good sleeping habit. Thanks for reading.
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Drinking Milk or Orange Juice in the Morning or at Night, Which is better?

Drinking Milk or Orange Juice in the Morning or at Night, Which is the Best?

In our last post, we had a discussion on the various health benefits of drinking orange juice either in the morning or at night. I believe you have gained so much on that health tips but if you haven’t see the article, the link is posted below as you read on with this post. 

Drinking Milk or Orange Juice in the Morning or at Night, Which is better?

But now, we will like to make comparison on whether to know if drinking milk or orange juice is the best to take either in the morning or at night. I noticed that some people prefer to drink milk in the morning while others prefer freshly squeezed orange juice either in the morning or at night.

According to our last discussion on the benefit of drinking orange juice, we made mention of some points which will be useful when complaining milk and orange especially when it comes to the benefit of both. 

The health benefit of drinking milk in the morning;

1.    It provides proteins for the body which is useful in body development and fertility
2.    It provides calcium for strong bone and health teeth
3.    It provides some vitamins which are useful for cell and body metabolism

But taking milk in morning or in the night may result to fatness due to high cholesterol of the animal. It can also make you over weight which is not healthy 

The health benefit of drinking orange juice in the morning or at night;

1.   It helps in fast digestion of food
2.   It increases body and cell metabolism
3.   It supply vitamins and mineral
4.   It gives energy due to the presence of natural sugar
5.   It prevent disease like cancer
6.   It heals wound faster
7.   It helps in emptiness of the bowels
8.   It  helps to mental weight loss
9.   It reduces stress
10.  it boss the immune system 

Now looking at both benefit of the milk orange, it is clear that drinking orange juice is far better than milk either at night or in the morning. Our conclusion on this topic after careful examination of the benefit and the disadvantages, we notice that drinking milk at nights or in the morning could result to accumulation of fat while fresh orange juice doesn’t seems to have any side effect unless people with ulcer who have acidity problems and are restricted from doing so. 

That is our view after consulting doctors, dieticians and other health experts. Thanks for reading. Feel free to make suggestions, ask questions or add more to the topic by using the comment box below.   
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May 21, 2019

10 Health Benefits of Drinking Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice in the Morning and at Night

Every freshly squeezed fruit juice have their own benefits such as high metabolism rate, high digestion rate, supply of vitamins, minerals and fibers all which are responsible for one or two things in the body. But now, we will be focused on the health benefits of drinking freshly squeezed orange juice in the morning and at night to the body either as a man, woman, young, old or pregnant woman.

Can i Drink freshly squeezed orange juice in the Morning and later at night? One of the questions i receive from some of my readers about fresh orange juice is that can i be taken first thing in the morning and at night? Yes its good to eat some freshly produced fruits especially orange in morning due to its numerous value for the health. I will like you to know that Orange juice contains some vitamins which are beneficial to the body especially when taking in the body before or after meal in the early hours of the day.
orange juice benefits in the morning

The various health benefits of freshly squeezed Orange juice when taking in the morning and at night either before or after breakfast and the other advantage of taking orange juice in the morning includes;

1. It Boosts your immune system: One of the prominent benefits of drinking
freshly squeezed orange juice in the morning and also at night is that it boost the body and cell immune system. Orange fruits contains vitamin C, which help build the immune system, repair tissues and help fight great cold and catarrh. Orange juice not only contain vitamin C but also K (Potassium), help enhance nerve activities and help reduce blood pressure.
2. It Balances pH : One of the major advantages of freshly squeezed orange fruit juice is that it help to balance the body PH. This is referred to the level of acidity and alkalinity in the stomach with lot of functions. Eating raw fresh oranges or drinking orange juice in the morning or daily help to reduce the body level of acidity. Raw or fresh Orange contain a natural acid called citric acid but get neutralized in the body after digestion which seems to be beneficial to the body. It also give yge same if you take it at night
3. It helps with weight loss: If you drink freshly squeezed orange juice in the morning and later at night, Oranges help to reduce calories due to the presence of high fiber it contains.Drinking oranges also help maintain a considerable amount of acid and alkaline in the body which help lose some weight in the body of humans. For weight loss, the presence of blended fiber and natural substances in it have helped to fight excess fat in the body
4. Aids Digestion: Another advantages of drinking freshly squeezed orange juice in the morning and sometimes at night is that oranges generally aids digestion and the best time to eat or drink an orange juice is in the morning. Doing this will help the body system t breakdown food easily, faster and remove unwanted materials from the body in form of waste or urine. 
5. It acts as Diuretic: Oranges juice freshly prepared from raw oranges do act a diuretic thereby increasing the rate at which urine is passed out from the body which help clean the body the more. Oranges help release toxins that keeps the urinary organ functional and in shape. This makes it possible for harmful or used substances to leave the body through the excretory organs.

6. Gives Healthy and Smooth skin:
freshly squeezed Oranges juice contains high amount of vitamin C which also help reduce the rate at which the body wrinkles, age and blemishes. Orange substances can always help reduce the appearance of scars, rashes and other skin diseases from the body. So, it means that regularly intake of orange juice in the morning before food and at night after food is cool and good for the skin.

7. It Freshens breath: One of the basic function of vitamin in oranges is that it help prevent scurvy and can also reduce tooth pain, gum problems, tooth decay and removal of infections from the body. All these can be achieved through the citric acid orange contains. 

8. It Reduce Stress: Another major benefits or the function of Vitamin C in Oranges or
freshly squeezed orange juice is that it help reduce stress especially when you prepare the juice yourself with fresh orange fruit in it raw state. I never believe it actually help relieve stress until i tried it. I also got to know that it contains natural sugar which helps to relieve stress and give more energy.

9. For Food Reduction: One of the advantages i get when i drink orange juice in the morning and probably at night is that it makes my tummy full to some extents. I notice that when i drink a cup of orange juice in the money reduces my cravings for other food substance. In other words, you get filled up when you drink orange in the money and your demand for food or junks can be cut down to the bare minimum.

10. Heal Wounds Fast:  One of the function of orange in the body is that it helps to heal wound fast and it also help to fast recovery against diseases simply because it contains Vitamin C. The same is contained in fruit juice when anyone drinks it in the morning, it means your body and tissues also enjoys the benefits of vitamin c which helps o heal wounds.

In Conclusion;
These are some of the benefits of drinking or eating freshly squeezed orange in the morning and at night. We learnt that it help in food reduction, it helps relieve stress, it helps in weight loss, it supply vitamins to the body, it aid digestion, it cure wounds fast, It help stay healthy, regulate body and cell metabolism which the basis of good health. Thanks for reading.
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Christina Milian - My Beauty Tip and Daily Routine

I decided to write on the various routine and beauty tips of Christiana Milian due to the fact that i receive questions on what the celebrities do to keep fit and make them beautiful. If you and i can learn few things from this and also look beautiful, fresh and presentable.

The popular musician Christina Milian told the media on what she does, her beauty tips, on Eating Fish and How she Unwind Through an Interview by Leah Rodriguez

I listen to Christina Milian a lot, i enjoyed her music just like any other person but i was glad to read her interview she granted lately on various views, ideas especially on her new music video where she where some liquid where poured on her and also her beauty tips.

Christina Milian first interview questions was "How do you start Your mornings? she said she had egg-white omelet with few spinach and peas, or tomatoes, or salsa. She also continued by saying that she will mix up all these food items so as to avoid too much sugar. She also claim that she likes eating cheese especially the classic American Cheese which is still her favorite. I am a cheese lover, she said

She also gave a good explanation on when ask about "wellness"  Wellness means taking care of oneself real good. One of the factor that also brings wellness is Happiness. Happiness brings good health, makes someone more better in health and fitness.

When she was asked about her kind of exercise, she replied by saying that she likes outdoor exercise, workout for few minutes like 20 to 30mins of speed walking or running. She will always have her TV on but while on the exercise like Running and speed walking while she listens to Drake, Rihanna or Beyonce.

Christina Milian beauty tips and routine
She also stated that she like eating pork, carbs and she eat balance important e diet mainly but the important thing is that you need to get information on health care and how to stay fit.

My beauty has changed over time she said and its more better now than ever but never stop to find new ways to make my hair and nails more better and grower but once in a while i use coconut oil treatments for my hair. 

She also said that one of her her biggest wellness challenge is to maintain the level of eating organic or not for balance..

Then she was asked another question that how do you unwind? I feel like I never unwind. Usually I’m on my phone right until I go to bed and will check some emails. I’d love to say it’s wine, but wine is not always the best thing to sleep on but at times i prefer hot bath.

Next Question was about Social Networks and she replied that she always go on Instagram or Facebook followed by hot shower and later she fall asleep. On soap, i like Lavender but don't really have a particular one

I drink lot of water and i make sure i have water around me that is i have it in my car, on my bed just all around me because its very healthy and helps to trim down.

She concluded the interview with an advice quoted as "I can’t ever see myself being vegetarian,” but then I realized, “Okay, well, it’s a challenge that I could probably take and is worth it.” After you challenge yourself once, it becomes a lot easier to challenge yourself to not do other things.

I believe you must have learn few things with this interview. She is beautiful and she shared all her beauty tricks, daily routine and all others. Thanks for reading.
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May 20, 2019

Benefits of Walking in the Morning With an Empty Stomach

Anytime i see people do some walking or jogging exercises in the morning, i see healthiness and very good physical work which have lot of advantages. As you read on with this post, you will learn to know the various advantages and benefits of walking in the morning with an empty stomach.

Walking especially with an empty stomach, is one of the best way to Exercise your body and its also seen as the best thing to do in the early morning without food that is, with an empty stomach. Doing this has many advantages like weight loss, increase body metabolism and keeps the body fit..

benefits of walking exercise in the morning

"what are the benefits or advantages of early morning walking with an empty stomach? ' Walking in the early morning especially without any food in the stomach is very beneficial to the body, it keeps you healthy, and other health benefit of walking in the morning includes;

1. It Gives Active Body System: Engaging the body in an early morning walking either fast or slow will help keep the body in a warm and functional state. When you walk in the early morning, you are indirectly engaging in exercise as long as you cover some distance while you walk, other benefit includes mental alertness, body metabolism hormones, Vitamin boost etc. Early morning walking with an empty stomach will keep your body healthy.

2.  It helps to Losing Weight: When you walk in the morning with an empty stomach, you are exercising the body like i said earlier and its also a way to lose weight because excess fat in the body are burnt off gradually as you walk as well as large amount of calories are burnt too there by helping you to reduce in weight. I ensure i walk few distance without going out with a car especially on weekends and i don't usually eat so when i come back i eat light food. I notice my digestion rate has increased, body balance, metabolism and excess calories reduced just by taking a walk around my area..
3. You Stay Disciplined: When you walk without food in your stomach in the morning, you are creating a habit and systematically developing disciplined attitude that give you good health. . Many people are getting obese because they refuse to burn off some fat in their body through exercise like walking. If you gradually consider this, then the better.

4.  You Get Sound Sleep: Walking is an exercise and all the advantages or benefits you get from regular exercise when you don't eat any food. For example, when you walk, run or jog around the street in the night you tend to sleep well but if you start walking in the morning too, you will be healthy and every nerves fat has blocked in your body will be free and you ave good health. I believe this will help you sleep well unlike if you lack exercise in your life. Walk in the morning or in the evening and see how effective this can be to the health.

5. Rapid Metabolism: When you walk in the morning with an empty tummy, you get rid of excess fat, your metabolism and digestion rate increases. So, no matter how obese or overweight you have, you will gradually lose weight and stay smart.

These are the reasons and benefit you get when you walk in the morning with an empty stomach. Work out such as this are reliable, cheap, easy but just time is required here. If you walk often, you will lose weight and your body will be fit. Thanks for reading. You may help us by sharing this post to your friends on Facebook or twitter better still, use the comment box below to get across to us and we will be glad. Thank you.
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May 19, 2019

10 Health Benefits of Unripe Plantain to Both Male and Female

What are the health benefits of unriped plantain to both male and female? Referring to both male and female on this topic means that it apply to everyone including man and woman, young or old, tall or short.

The various health benefits of unripe plantain also apply to pregnant women as well.

Before we continue, let us a look at this, When I was much younger, the knowledge I have about green or plantain, pawpaw, banana, pineapple etc is that it is bad for the health and can cause ailments like food poising, stomach ache or something more terrible but I now realize some fact and the good side of unripe fruits just as we are explaining as you read on with this post.

Unripe plantain do have its own health benefits which I believe is common among food or diets recommended for people with diabetes but not only that, unripe plantain can also help non diabetic patients  or ordinary healthy people like you and I to avoid some diseases.

I am writing about the health benefit of unripe plantain for both male and female which includes;

1. Ensure Healthy Heart: One of the health benefits of unripe plantain which apply to both a man and a woman is the fact that green or unripe plantain help to improve the heart beat and it operation. Many green plantains mainly contain fibers which helps improve the flow of blood from the heart to other organs in the body including the heart. 

Eating unripe plantain either you are a man or woman helps prevent heart related diseases like hypertension, high blood pressure, stroke and hypertension because these unripe plantain contains serotonin which helps to improve the heart and dilate it for better blood flow without putting more pressure on the heart. 

2.  Contain Vitamin B6: Another health benefit of unripe plantain for both male and female is that it helps to supply Vitamin B6 to the body which helps to prevent diseases of the blood such as anemia. Unripe plantain contain high amount of Vitamin B6 in it which act as anti-body that prevent shrinking of red blood cells and weakness of the body.

3. Fast Digestion: The only advantage of some unripe plantain either for young or old people is that when added to meal,they mainly contain fiber which helps to fasten digestion rate an increase the body metabolism. The unripe plantain help people empty their body easily which is one of the best way to stay healthy.

4. Reduce Diabetes: Consumption of unripe plantain do helps to reduce the sugar contents in the body since they do not contain sugar. Unripe plantain contains active ingredients that reduce sugar related problems like diabetes which occurs when the insulin is being interfered with and reduce the effectiveness. 

Health benefits of Unripe Plantain

5.  Good Sight; One of the advantages of eating unripe plantain is that it ensure good vision. I noticed that when I add some unripe plantain with other meals, it ensures good sight. 

I now make some researches and notice that many of these green plantain contains high amount of Vitamins like Vitamin A which is responsible for good sight and vision. It contains helps to ensure smooth skin without adding more oil or sugar to the body.

6.  Low Cholesterol
; If you add some green plantain to your meals, it will help you reduce the cholesterol contents of your body. Green plantain contain high amount fiber, water and no sugar in them. They still give energy without sugar, which is one interesting thing about unripe plantain either you're a man or woman.

7. It Boost Adult Experience:  If you notice that many older people love to include some herbs mixed with some unripe plantain, they do so to increase their sexual experience. Many of these green banana or plantain contain active substance that boosts this experience when on bed with their partner. If you need to stay active as man or woman, you can begin to add some unripe plantain to your meal but not totally unripe.

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8. Prevent Ulcer:  Another advantages of unripe plantain is common among male andvfemale is that it contains various photo-chemical substances that prevent ulcer, especially when you cook or add unripe plantain to your meals and I was told by a doctor that unripe pawpaw is also medicinal for preventing ulcer too.

9. Contains Iron; One of the advantages of unripe plantain or I will say the health benefit of eating unripe plantain for males and females is the fact that they usually contain high amount of iron in them e.g. unripe plantain or banana. And any fruits that contains Iron will also boost the blood amount in the body which could help to prevent blood related diseases or shortage of blood in the body that can lead to dizziness or death.

10. Supply Calcium; It is good to know that many unripe plantain do contain calcium which is responsible for strong bone and healthy teeth especially for adults. When you add some to your meals, it improves the calcium contents in the body.

In Conclusion

It not every time you eat sugary foods or sweet food but adding some unripe plantain or banana to your meal can also boost your immune system, helps to increase blood circulation, prevent diseases, ensure weight loss, and will always make you stay fit and healthy either you are a male or female. If you can eat this food directly, you can add them to meals and the popular way to do this is to get the unripe plantain, dry them and grind into powdered form and add to meals. This will also make you derive some health benefit out of them. Thanks for reading.
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May 18, 2019

10 Nigerian Foods That Are High in Fiber Contents and Water

What are the list of some Nigerian foods high in fiber and water content? Based on popular demand, we have decided to give out a list some Nigerian foods that are rich and high in fiber and Water contents.

Before we continue, we will like to briefly talk on the meaning of fiber foods, their functions and now the benefits of these foods.

For the sick of non Nigerian's living in Nigeria, you need to know the various advantages of these foods and the common names as well.

What are high fiber and water foods? These are foods which contains high amount of fiber and water in it but are very healthy. Fiber foods helps people to lose weight, increase digestion rate, increase metabolism and still add nutrients to the body. Example of Nigerian foods that are high in fiber includes;

1. Garden egg; Although garden egg can be found all over the world but very much in abundant in Nigeria. Garden egg have so much health benefit to the body because it contains a high amount of fiber and lot of water. 

Garden egg is good because it contains no sugar, no cholesterol, and can even cure or prevent diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, hypertension, stroke and many more. Garden egg can be eaten raw or added to other vegetables 

2. CucumberI decided to include cucumber in a list of the best Nigerian foods that are high in fiber and water although not only available in Nigeria but all over the world because of it health benefit such as easy digestion, weight loss, good sight and it prevent diseases as well. 

A confirm facts states that Cucumber contains a large amount of water and fiber and no sugar. It can also be eaten raw or added to salads and other vegetables.

Fiber foods

3. Carrot; Carrot is one of the best Nigerian foods that is not only high in fiber but high in Vitamins as well. Carrot can be added to wide range of food like fried rice, salads, or can be eaten raw. 

Carrot ensures easy emptiness of bowel, it prevents or cures constipation, it prevents excess fat and it aids digestion. This fiber food also contains Vitamin A which is good for bright eyes and clear vision.

4. Wheat; Wheat is also one of the best Nigerian high in fiber and still maintain its high protein contents. A close friend of mine was diagnosed of high blood pressure and the doctor said he could eat more wheat. 

Wheat can be prepared in a liquid form, semi liquid like pap and it can be turned into solid form to be added with other foods like vegetables. Wheat can also be consumed by people with diabetes, high cholesterol and hypertension. It helps build cells in the body because it contains amino acids. To stay healthy by eating healthy, you need to eat wheat instead of other high calories foods.

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5. African Salads; African salads commonly called "abacha" among the Igbo tribes and has been described as one of the lightest and high fiber food in Nigeria. It prevents weight gain, it burn fat and it increases the body digestion rate.

6. Garri; Garri is consumed by every Nigerian either Yoruba, Hausa or Igbo but the health benefit of garri when you drink it is that it gives energy because it contains carbohydrates and it is mainly made up of high amount of fiber. It eases digestion process but can chase malnutrition in children when consumed in excess. It is a very light food and still remains the cheapest Nigerian fiber food.

7. Yam Flour; this is a food common among the Yoruba's. It contains high amount of fiber and starch. It is digest food easily and also help to lose weight. It can be served with vegetable or other soup rich in nutrients e.g. Okra

8. Semolina Food; This is a food loved by many Nigerians either male or female,young or old due to its high fiber contents and taste. Semo is made from corn which makes it very light and nutritious. It gives energy, burn fat and it is very low in calories. It also digest fast and do not let the body overweight.

9. Pawpaw; this is also one of the best and highly recommended Nigerian food high in fiber and high amount of water. Pawpaw or papaya as popularly called is rich in Vitamins and minerals that help the body, it aid digestion and also it helps to maintain body weight as well as losing weight. It also prevents constipation due to the high amount of fiber it contains. It is rich in other vitamins and minerals.

10. Maize; I think the best Nigerian food high in fiber and very healthy is maize. It can be boiled, roasted and processed into other food like pap, oats, corn flakes etc all which are very light and cannot make people grow fat. It can also be eaten with other foods like milk, beans, fish and other proteins.

In Conclusion,
The food items listed and explained above are very high in fiber contents and still remains very healthy. These foods can be eaten raw, cooked or added to other foods and the good thing about this Nigerian fiber foods is that these food don’t make people add more weight but it reduce weight, these foods burn fat and can be used to cure other diseases in the body like obesity, diabetes, high blood sugar, high blood pressure and many more. Thanks for reading
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May 17, 2019

10 Quick Ways to Improve Your Health Without Drugs and Money

In what ways can i improve my health without spending money and using of drugs? There is a saying that health is wealth which means the more you take care of your health, the more healthier you are and the more you are not likely to get infected with diseases. Diseases is one of the major cause of death all over the world but when you take care of your health, then contacting diseases will be a thing of the past for you.

 Although some people believed that it cost so much to take care of one's health because it requires money and drugs but not really. Simple things and practices can actually help you boost your health without spending money or using expensive drugs.

There are many ways you can improve your health without going to the doctor, spending money on expensive items and without drugs prescription. just as i love my health, i wouldn't wait to fall sick, get malnourished or contact a disease before knowing how to take care of my health. Mind you, getting and improved health also boost your immune system.

I also need you to know that the consequence of not improving your health or not taking care of the health at the right time through diets, exercises, drugs may be severe but when you find natural ways to do that, you get the best out of it without spending much money on it.

There are many quick ways to improve the health without using drugs and spending much money and as you read on with this post, you will learn the cheap ways to do so even without drugs. This includes;

1. Just Be Happy: One of the ways to improve your health without drugs and money is to find ways to be happy. Happy people are healthy people and when you are happy, some nerve cells function properly and you are ensured of a good health. You can also give a hug, make people feel loved through you and i bet you that you will gain happiness in return. Happiness is a feeling of joy and report claim happy people are healthy people and they live longer than those who are sad.

2. Get Some Smile: Just like i have said earlier, another good way to have a good health without spending money is to smile, smile and make people laugh. This may not be so easy because many people usually have one or two reasons of the other to frown, some their bad business, unstable relationship and many more may be sadness but when you smile, you are healthy. You can listen to comedy, funny video at leisure, hang out with friends and other people that makes you happy. It works and it cost you nothing.
4. Eat Less of Junks: People fail to realize that eating junks isn't a healthy practice for the body. Fried foods, excessive fried rice, snacks like doughnuts, egg roll, fish pie, meat pie, chin-chin are fatty foods and are referred to as junks. The fact still remains that these foods are fried with animal fat and too much of these can cause high cholesterol which may lead to more severe health cases like hypertension, obesity, difficulty in breathing etc but when you eat less of these, you are indirectly improving your health.
how to improve the health
5. Eat Fruits: Another way to improve your health without drugs or spending money is to ensure you eat more fruits. Fruits contains various vitamins that helps the body in on way or the other. For example, carrot contains vitamin-A that ensure good sight while Orange contains Vitamin C that prevent scurvy.Not only, fruits also helps in reducing risk to cancer, diabetes, stress and many more.

6. Take more Vegetables: Just like i advice you to improve your health through vitamins, it is very okay for you to also eat vegetables too. Vegetables contains vitamins and minerals that helps the body. Vegetable ensures easy digestion and helps to increase the body metabolism which prevents weight loss.

7. Do Exercises : Another way you can improve your health freely without drugs and not spending any money involves exercising the body. When you exercise the body, it will help you build the muscle, give you some stamina and ensure excess calories are burnt through the body. You can decide to walk, jog, skip, run, or other cardio exercise weekly or once in a while. Recommended exercises are plank exercises, jogging, running, skipping, cycling and many more.

8. More Hours of Sleep: What the doctor recommends about having good health is to have more time to sleep. Sleeping and good rest for few hours at night will help you relax your body cells, brain cells and the entire body. Don't be like the jack of all trade that works all round without rest, so try as much as possible to sleep well, avoid too much night movies or excessive browsing.

9. Avoid Smoking and Alcohol:  One of the good ways to improve your health without drugs and money is to avoid smoking cigarettes and alcohol. Smoking can result to cancer of the lungs in the later time of an individual while too much alcohol may lead to kidney or liver problems. Even the governments warns that smokers are liable to die young which i believe is the fact.

10. Eat Less Salts and Sugar: For people above 40yrs, its will really make a lot of sense if you reduce your sugar intake and excess salt intake. Because excess sugar and salt are major contributors for diseases like hypertension, stroke, diabetes, being overweight, difficulty in breathing and many more.

11. See your doctor: Visit your doctor regularly just to run a check on your health. Doing this will help you monitor your body systems for sugar, salt, oil, proteins, heart beat, blood pressure and many more

In Conclusion
So, these are ways you can improve your health without drugs, going to the hospital or without the doctors. All you need is to eat less of salt and sugar, avoid smoking, sleep more, avoid junks, eat more veggies and fruits, drink more water, make people laugh and be happy. 

Do all these things explain above you will notice a change and you are investing into your health for the future. Thanks for reading.
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