Mar 19, 2019

Health Benefits of Eating Onions

What Are the Health Benefits of Onions to the Body?  

Onions is widely used in the whole world for cooking, it is used as spice for food but only a few people knows the health benefit of onions to the body and why they need to eat it.  

Onions is one of the best food in the world because it contains fibers, it contains vitamins and minerals and it also contain active elements that helps the body prevent diseases.

Onions is a fruits, a vegetable, a plant that also cures all types of diseases and at the same time, it gives a soup, stew or any type of food a good smell and delicious state.  Below is a list and brief description of the various Onions benefits, this includes;

1. Prevent Cardio Diseases: One of the relevance and benefit of onions to the body when you eat it is that it contains substances that help guide against cardio vascular diseases like hypertension, high blood pressure, stroke, cardiac arrest and many more. 

You may not eat onions in it raw form to get this benefit but you can grind along with pepper, tomatoes, salads or other foods. It helps the heart to function well and it ensure blood circulation from the heart to other part of the body.

2. Prevent Constipation: A common health benefit you get when you eat more of onions is that Onions aids digestion and its very active for prevention of constipation which is known as inability to pass out stool or waste from the anus due to digestive disorder or lack of water in the body. 

Onions contains fiber and vitamins which improves the digestion processes in the stomach.
Health Benefit of Onions

3. Prevent Diabetes: Onions is also very active and when you eat it regularly, you hardly have problem of excess sugar in the body. This means that Onions helps to assist in the breakdown of sugar contents in the body. 

Many of the food we eat in my country contains mostly carbohydrate which later breaks down to sugar which excess of these may cause diabetes. So to save yourself from becoming diabetic, eat more of onions and you will be safe.

4. Prevent Asthma: Another health benefit you get by eating onions is that it help prevent Asthma. Onions contains substance that reduces histamine and histamine is one of the main causes of Asthma. But for people that already have Asthma, onions reduces the cough and the pain associated with it.

5. Improves Sight: Another health benefit you get when you eat more Onions is that it helps to improve vision. Onions contains Vitamin A which is responsible for bright eyes, if you notice your vision is getting blur, just increase the amount of Onions in your food, you will see the difference and with time, the vision will be improved. 

All these i know from my grandma back in the days but know i now know is the presence of Vitamin A it contains that improves sight.
6. Prevent Slow Blood Movements
: Out of the numerous health benefit you get when you eat onions, this one that prevent slow blood circulation is very important because it deals directly with the heart and the heart itself is life. 

When the heart stops, it means death and the heart is only organ in the body that pumps blood and it also helps in the movements of blood in the body. Onions helps to prevent slow blood circulation but it improves it to a more rapid movements.

7. Digestion:  One of the ways you achieve fast and easy digestion is to add more onions to your stew or food. Onions contains over 50% of fibers and water, it means you get high rate of metabolism when you eat onions and food are digested at a fast rate. 
This will make you look trim, slim and will also prevent weight gain.

In Conclusion, Onions is very good to the body and it health benefit are too numerous. But the health advantages described above are very important which encourages you to eat more of Onions. Onions contains Vitamins and Minerals which improves sight, prevent constipation, prevent Asthma and it prevent diabetes. Thanks for reading.

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Best Exercise to Stay Healthy and Active for Adults

What are the exercises that help adults stay healthy and active?
Unlike children who are still very young an active, adults requires more energy and will to keep healthy and fit because many organs of the body slows down with age including body metabolism.

When an adult engages in work out or daily exercise, its keeps them safe, healthy and strengthens the body muscles. Exercise also increase body metabolism and lower stress as well as reduce pressure in the body of either male or female.

The best or recommended exercise for adults includes;

1. Walking:  One of the best exercise/work out that makes adults active and healthy is walking. Its not so expensive, it requires no special planning to start, its requires no expert but the only thing required here is your time and your pair of sneakers and you are good to go. 

It can also be done if you are in the neighborhood and you decide to walk some distance to a friend place, its very healthy. The only thing you need to consider is your walking posture and start with few distance and later you can then increase it with time.
Pics of Exercise to Stay Healthy and Active for Adults
2. Cycling:  Another exercise i recommend for adults is cycling. Cycling makes your body active and fit with lot of impact all over the body. It can make you lose weight by shedding excess fat and burning excess calories which is healthy for grown ups. Working out with cycling for adults works on the joints while pedaling either using a gym bicycle like the stationary bicycle or the normal mobile bicycle. 

To avoid getting tired easily or some back pains while pedaling, you could try bikes that enables you to sit while the pedals and handle bars are fixed at the front. You will enjoy riding and at the same time long life awaits you while you burn of some fat and the body joints stretched.

3. Yoga:   Another best exercise for adults includes  Yoga which allows you to stretch your body to strategic positions. Yoga is one of the best exercise recommended for adults because it deals with lot of stretches and and balancing which makes an individual (adults) active and healthy.

4. Swimming: Swimming is a good exercise and has been described as one of the best work out that helps in the improvement of body flexibility and balancing in Adults. The body temperature drops due to the coldness of the water and it also reduces stress around the bones. 

Even women who enjoys swimming records a considerable strength in bone and muscle stretches. The different swimming styles or strokes works on body flexibility especially in the arm, leg and shoulder regions but its healthy if you can find time to swim regularly due to the health benefits.

These are ways to stay fit, active and healthy as an adults through the exercises described above. Its not a must you rush this but you may start with one and gradually find time for the other, it pays. Thanks for reading.
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5 Things to do When The Cholesterol Level is High

 Things to do at High Cholesterol Level

Cholesterol is described as a fatty acid which is used to generate new cells and hormones and used up throughout the body.Which means cholesterol is so important in the body because without it, there will be no strength because even if you really do not eat much of cholesterol diet, your body will still continue to produce it.

But when the cholesterol contents in the body is high, its seen as risk and could cause heart attack and other heart related problems which may lead to death. A body which contains high cholesterol may is unhealthy and such person is at a risk of stroke and hypertension or heart attack.

High Cholesterol are cause by diet or careless choice of food because its produced in the liver and the unused cholesterol are also carried back to the liver with much higher weight. But as soon as you observed the Cholesterol contents in the body is high, then you need to be careful and apply these ideas to prevent contacting heart diseases. This includes;

1. Statin
: Its been known that medications such as statin reduce the overall amount of cholesterol in the body and its recommended to such such to reduce the body cholesterol level when its high but Sta-tins have few side effects like sluggishness, memory problem, low strength, dizziness and many more.

high cholesterol

2. Eat Low Fat: If you observed you are high on cholesterol or your body cholesterol level is on the high side, then you need to eat low fat foods and some food items with vegetable fats are highly recommended and foods with animal fat should be avoided or reduced.(fats)

3. Exercise: If a body is high on Cholesterol, one of the recommended practice for such person is to exercise the body because this help increase the body metabolism through exercises like walking, jogging, running, skipping etc.

4. Avoid Junks: When a body is high on Cholesterol, one of the things to do is to carefully reduce the intakes of junks food or fried food generally. This includes meat pie, egg roll, sausage roll,fish pie, doughnuts, puff puff and many more. Many of these snacks or junks are fried with animal fat and eating too much of red meat, whole milk, fat etc should be avoided to help reduce the cholesterol.

5. see Your Doctor: Another thing that can be done when a body is high on Cholesterol is to consult your doctor as soon as you see signs and symptoms of high cholesterol in the body. This is the best thing you can do help yourself because the doctor knows more about this issue than you do.

These are thing you need to do when high on cholesterol and i believe this ideas has helped you in one way or the other. You may use the comment box below to make a suggestion, add more ideas to topic, a complain or contact us on any issues related to the topic or other. Thanks for reading.
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Does Food Affect Acne ?

How What You Eat Affect Your Acne? Someone sent this questions wanting to know if nutrition can actually affect acne or if what we eat affect acne. So, I'm providing answer to this questions using this brief update which i believe you will gain a lot from it as you read on.

Pics of Acne
Acne is a disease of the skin which may probably stay on the skin for over a long period with lot of skin irritation but many people believe that acne is cause by the food we eat/consume which means we can reduce it by avoiding some food items too. How true?

1. Fats and Sugars: If you want to reduce your acne through the food we eat, its not really confirmed that fat and sugar are the causes of acne but fat and sugar cause overall problems in the body including skin problems like acne. Since, fat and sugar does not have vitamins in them, its good to avoid them because too much of oil causes skin problems which acne is one of them. Oils and sugar when reduced also can reduce the chance of you gettting this skin disease called acne. 

2. Junks Food: Junks food that does have any nutritional values especially for adult which means you are doing more harm to your skin when you eat junks food. Acne get worse when you eat lot of junks food which means you need to avoid eating these food. 
3. Organic Foods: You will notice a considerable good skin when you eat in moderation  some organic food containing vegetables and fruits.  If you eat more fruits and vegetables there are chances that you cant have skin diseases like acne because fruits contains various vitamins and minerals that help the skin and also prevents rashes, acne from the skin.

4. Water: If your body lacks water, you stand a chance of getting skin related problems like acne but when you drink more water, you get hydrated and you skin will remain fresh, smooth and healthy. Its required of us to drink close to 7 glasses of water everyday for the overall body health including the skin. So if you are noticing some changes in your body or skin such as dryness, hitching, rash, then drink some water and you will see it vanish within the shortest period of time.

I believe you can now see that the food we eat can affect or cause some skin related problems and we need to avoid such but to eat more food items that helps the body some which includes fruits, vegetables, water etc. 

If you have other questions or suggestion on this topic, feel free to contact us or use the comment box below for quick responds to your questions. Thanks for reading.
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Mar 15, 2019

Natural Remedy to Treating Tooth Ache Without Drugs

Tooth Ache is referred to as the pain or ache experienced at the region of the tooth. I see this disease as one of the biggest discomfort anybody can have in the body because its associated pains, swelling of the cheek and the patient might not be able to eat well. 

As you read on, we will be describing the natural ways to treating tooth ache without the use of drugs but natural plant or herbs as people called it.

natural remedy for tooth ache

Causes of Tooth Ache:  Some of the causes of tooth ache either in children, adult, women or men includes inflammation of the dental pulp, cracked tooth, dry socket, eating sweets etc. Medical reports shows that tooth ache is caused by activities of micro organisms in the teeth which gain entry through sugary items, mouth infections or wound on the tooth region.

Natural Remedy to Toothache 

1. Calcium: Calcium is responsible for strong bone and healthy teeth and one of the best and natural way to treat toothache is to eat foods that are rich in calcium. Examples of food rich in Calcium are sea foods, milk, fish bone, meat bone and many more. If you eat more of these foods, you don't need to use drugs for tooth problems because you hardly experience any.

2. Another natural way to cure tooth ache is to use warm water with little salt. Just gaggle the warm water containing salt and pour it away after few seconds. Do that multiple times per day and you will see some changes and the pain associated with the tooth aches vanishes with time. This is also a natural remedy to toothache without taking drugs but warm water and little salt.
      3. The best way and natural ways to cure tooth ache is to use the bark of trees like cashew tree, dongoyaro tree, Eeyin tree, and other natural trees that are use for this purposes without drugs.

      4. Another natural remedy or solution to tooth ache is to keep your teeth healthy by washing it regularly, avoiding sharp object from the teeth and also to ensure you avoid taking too much of sweet or sugary substances even in small children without drugs

      5. One of the natural remedy i have grown to know about this when it comes to keeping the tooth healthy and avoiding toothache is to always ensure you brush your teeth for at least 2 or more times a day. Its a good way to avoid tooth ache. I would rather suggest you brush your teeth after meal especially sugary items like chocolate, sweet and many more.  

      These are sure ways and the best natural remedy for tooth ache without taking drugs and i believe you would have gain few things from what has been posted on this update. Thanks for reading.
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      Top 5 Diets the Skin Needs

      Keeping your skin clean, fresh is beneficial not only to the people around you but for your health. Its not every time you go for surgery or buy expensive skin care cream but there are food substance, classes, diet the skin need to become fresh and radiant.

      If you want healthy and nice looking body, Here is the list of the rules:

      1) Water : Water is know as the best and natural ingredient the skin needs and also known as the best the medicine you can give your skin, cleans your body.The best beauty tips or skin care ideas anyone can give you is to tell you to drink water regularly

      2) Vitamin C : These vitamins are mandatory for glowing and healthy skin. It can be easily found in all citric fruits like orange, lemon, tangerine etc.

      3) Vitamin A : For glowing and healthy skin, You need to eat more of Vitamin A and its Sources are carrot, yeast, milk, papaya, orange, egg yolk etc.

      4) Vitamin B : These vitamins are mandatory for smooth and healthy skin and it can be found in all leafy vegetables along with fruits. Other sources are Whole grains , brewers yeast etc. 
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          5) Vitamin E : These vitamins are mandatory for glowing and healthy skin. It is found in oil seeds, vegetables like broccoli , nuts, cheese, milk, fish, vegetables etc.

          These are diet that can help smooth your skin, make it fresh and you also look beautiful and younger while you consume them. thanks for reading.
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          Mar 11, 2019

          Reasons Why You Need to Eat Pineapples

          One of the natural and effective ways to improve your health and also boost the body immune system is through the consumption of fresh pineapple or adding pineapple juice to your eating plan/diet. Pineapples are good fruits which belongs to the bromeliad family which are known for body's healing process, digestion and fresh skin.

          Reasons Why You Need to Eat Pineapples

          Pineapple contains Bromelain, which helps in healing, digestion and other health benefits. Bromelain is good for the treatments of wounds, sprains, strains, swelling, pains etc. It can also help in digestion process by breaking down amino acid in proteins.

          Fresh Pineapples vitamin C which protects the body from free radicals and boosts the body immune system. Generally, Vitamin C in fruits helps repair body tissue and makes wound heal faster. Vitamins can be used to lose weight  and Vitamin C help decreases the effect of colds, cough and infections.
          Pineapples are effective for oral health because it contains Vitamin C. Vitamin C helps the body to fight bacteria and other germs that could cause teeth or gum disease. 

          One of the reasons you need to eat pineapple is that it contains an enzymes that destroys gum tissue/ jaw bones that may lead to heart disease, stroke and sugar diseases like diabetes.
          Pineapple is good for the body because of the body's healing mechanisms or properties and if you want to get pineapple to eat, choose a fresh pineapple no by color but smell because ripe pineapples smells sweet with tropical smell. 

          You may avoid pineapples that smells bad, dark discoloration and those store at high temperature but those stored at room temperature usually have smell.

          Pineapple is easy to prepare pineapple, you just peel it, remove the eyes (top) with a sharp knife. Then cut or slice the pineapple into wedges and Carefully remove the fruit from the skin.

          Pineapple can be diced or eaten fresh, can be served with salads or added into salads, it can also be used to produce pineapple juice, drinks and smoothies that contains nutritious, cholesterol-free drinks, high in bromelain, vitamin C, beta carotene, potassium, thiamin (vitamin B-1), riboflavin (vitamin B-2), iron, fiber, omega-3 fatty acids and many more. Thanks for reading. 
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          Health Benefit of Eating Maize

          What Are the Advantages of Eating Maize? I am writing these due to a personal experience i observe when i eat maize and some of the health benefit you get when you eat maize or corn to the body.

          This is the season of maize in my country where maize are harvested in abundant and i notice everyone is eating this maize/corn throughout the country either roasted or boiled. I am typing this post, am also eating this boiled maize so as to keep my mouth fresh and to prevent hunger instead of eating heavy or high calorie food.

          It is better to eat maize and get the health benefit such as;

          1. Fast Digestion: One of the health benefit you get you eat corn either roasted or boiled is that it improves your body digestion rate. Maize contains no fat, no cholesterol but high percentage of fiber crops and of course you know that fiber crops aids digestion. It does not store in the body like high calorie food that stored and increase weight.

          2. Fiber Foods: Fiber foods such as maize aids digestion, it fasten the rate at which food particles breaks into smaller particles for easy digestion. It helps you to empty your bowels with easy because of its high fiber contents which is healthy to the body.

          3. Reduces Fat: As the body accumulates fat, eating maize can help you breakdown such fat because of its light nature, it contain fiber substances and generally maize do not contain fat, oil or any other fatty substance that stores in the body

          advantages of eating maize

          4. Weight Loss: Instead of eating so high calorie food that cause weight gain, you can eat maize when boiled or roasted and you enjoy it. It can help you lose weight through it fast digestion and high metabolism rate which helps in weight loss. It is recommended for people of all ages and can be eaten by people who have various diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, hypertension, stroke etc only that they do not need to add much salt when cooking it but if not, add little salt when boiling and yo enjoy it.

          5. Prevent Excess Sugar: Maize does not contain sugar and it doesn't support accumulation of sugar in the body. It means that anybody who eat maize are sugar free and eating maize can never cause sugar related diseases like diabetes. I told a friend of mine to make it a habit of replacing her lunch with boiled corn and now, she is very smart, healthy and do not have excess sugar in her body as reported earlier by her doctor.

          6. Prevent Diseases: One of the important benefit of maize to the body is that it prevent all diseases related to weight gain like high blood pressure, obesity, stroke, hypertension and also it prevent sugar related diseases as well as vitamins deficiency in the body.

          In Conclusion, Eating maize is very good for the body, it give energy, its a source of carbohydrate, it gives strength and also it it can be eaten instead of junks, snacks or high fatty foods. You only drink water after eating this corn and you won't feel hungry for other food for few minutes so i feel any food substance such as this is good and healthy to the body. Thanks for reading.
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          Herbs That Can Cure Mouth Odour

          Mouth Odor is a disease of the mouth cause by some micro-organism or germs in the mouth but at times it can be genetically induced. I have read many ways people can get rid of these diseases but some still claim that their mouth still smells after many injections, drugs, therapy and many more.

          But there are natural plants that are very active when it comes to killing of the bacteria or germs that makes the mouth smells. Such plants only need to be chewed, spit away and that is all. It may not be too convenient because so many people are used to toothpaste and toothbrush not knowing the fact that some are prepared from plants too.

          mouth odour cure

          Some of the plants that can cure mouth odour naturally includes;

          1. Bitter Leaf stem: Bitter leaf is a common plant found in abundance in West Africa especially Nigeria where it is popular called Ewuro. Bitter leaf is edible but taste bitter where its used to prepare bitter leaf soup and its been very active to cure so many ailments in the body. Bitter leaf is used in some part of West Africa treat mouth odour and this is done by cutting the stem of the leaf and chewing it. 

          2. Miswak: Miswak is a popular tree used in West Africa as chewing stick. It may be bitter but the medicinal value is what the people in Africa preferred and they see it as a possible replacement for toothpaste and toothbrush. But too be candid, Miswak is also very good for people with mouth odour and its been named as one of the required plant that helps cure mouth odour.
          3. Cashew Tree: The cashew fruits has lot of medicinal values to the body as well as the stem too. If anyone has a mouth odour, such person should cut the bark of the tree and chew, wash mouth and with time, the bacteria causing the mouth odor will vanish.

          Other trees that are used to as chewing stick to brush the mouth and also used to cure mouth odor includes;
          •  Cinnamon tree
          •  Gum Tree
          •  Lime tree
          •  Olive tree
          •  Walnut tree
          •  Orange tree
          •  Dogwood tree
          Despite the fact that these tress are used as chewing sticks, they can also be used to cure mouth odor naturally. Thanks for reading 
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              Mar 2, 2019

              Natural Ways to Quit Smoking

              This post was written due to a message i received from a smoker who want to know if there are natural ways that works to quit smoking.

              Quitting Smoking seems to get if some steps are not taking. To quit it, the natural remedy to do includes;

              1. Understand the Dangers: The best and natural way for anyone to quit smoking is to understand it dangers like
              • it reduces life span
              • it can cause chest problem
              • it cab cause low sperm count
              • it can cause lungs cancer
              • smoking cause other heart related problems

              Understanding these dangers alone should motivate any smoker to quit naturally.

              2. Another natural way to quit smoking is to use sugar cane because studies shows that sugar cane can remove nicotine from the body when extracted and taken in 2 weeks.

              3. Replace smoking with Fruits: One of the natural remedy to quitting smoking is to pick your best fruit like carrot or apple and anytime you think of smoking, then you eat the fruit instead of smoking.

              Replace smoking with Vegetables: One of the natural remedy to quitting smoking is to pick your best veggies and anytime you think of smoking, then you eat the vegetables instead of smoking.

              These are 3 natural ways to quit smoking and i feel it works for some people, then it can work for you. Remember your health is wealth and smokers are liable to die young.  

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